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'Disgust' at Redditch hospital failings

A hospital trust in the Midlands is paying out almost half a million pounds in compensation after what human rights lawyers have called "appalling" failures of care at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says he is 'disgusted' at what he has heard. In one of the worst cases, an 86-year-old former nurse was left unwashed for 11 weeks. Her son has been speaking to our reporter Charlotte Grant.


Hospital issue statement on failings in care

"While the trust has accepted that certain aspects of care afforded to some patients fell below the standard they where entitled to, some of these cases were more than a decade old.

"A number of very serious allegations made by the families of deceased patients are not borne out by the medical records. [...]

"Nevertheless, the trust accept that the care afforded to some patients some years ago between 2002 - 2009 fell below the requisite standards and has apologised for the short comings.

"The trust is committed to delivering the very best care to its patients and will continue to strive for excellence."

– Statement from the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch
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Prince Charles calls for 'human kindness' in NHS

The Prince of Wales has made a direct plea to doctors and nurses to listen to their patients and to show them “human kindness” following reports of patient neglect at a hospital in Worcestershire.

In an article in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, the prince said the industry must "listen and honour what is being said and not said by patients".

He added that a health service's vision should acknowledge "physical and social environment, education, agriculture and architecture".


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Health Secretary "disgusted and appalled" at patient neglect

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he is "disgusted and appalled" at reports of patient neglect at a hospital in Worcestershire. The worst instance of mistreatment at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch was a patient starved to death, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

I am disgusted and appalled to read these accounts of what patients and their relatives went through.

These are examples of the sort of 'care' that should simply not happen in the NHS and there is no excuse for them.

We will be keeping a careful eye on this situation, and will take further action if necessary.

– Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

The health trust concerned is writing to 38 families and is to admit its failings in each case, the newspaper said. In a statement, the trust issued an apology over its "shortcomings".

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Rally over Alexandra Hospital changes takes place in Redditch

A rally and march took place in Redditch today against proposals which protesters say could see the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch closed or face losing services like A&E and maternity.

Around 500 members of the ‘Save the Alex’ campaign have marched from the Town Hall in protest.

NHS Worcestershire has published six options to save £50 million and reduce its estimated £200 million deficit, which could involve reducing services at several sites in the county.

Chairman of Save the Alex, Neil Stote, says: "a line by line review needs to be made before they make a decision."

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