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Midlands Sikhs call for independent inquiry into Amritsar massacre

Previously secret documents indicate an SAS officer helped the Indian authorities Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Sikhs from the Midlands are calling for an independent inquiry into British involvement in an attack on the golden temple, in India, in 1984 and will protest outside 10 Downing Street today.

Hundreds died during the attack and Sikhs are now demanding more answers about the extent to which British special forces advised Indian commanders before the assault.

The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said earlier this month that military advice given to the Indian government in 1984 had 'limited impact'.

Amritsar raid report: reaction from the Midlands

Sikhs in the East Midlands say they they're disappointed by the findings of a review into claims that Britain helped India plan a raid on a temple that ended in a massacre thirty years ago.

The Foreign Secretary William Hague has admitted military advice was given to the Indian government ahead of the attack, but he said it only had had 'limited impact'. Sikhs say the review was far from comprehensive.

Government has 'responsibility to address fears and concerns'

The Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander, has responded to the government investigation into the 1984 massacre at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, highlighting a responsibility to 'address the widespread fears and concerns' of British Sikh community.

He went on to say that if the Conservative government could provide answers to all of the relevant concerns and questions then 'the opposition will support them'.


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Labour: 'Serious questions' will still be asked on Amritsar

Labour's Douglas Alexander has responded to the government investigation into the 1984 massacre at the Golden Tempe in Amritsar, stating "serious questions will continue to be asked."

Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander Credit: PA Wire/PA Archive

The shadow foreign secretary Alexander said Labour welcomes what light the Cabinet Secretary's report sheds on the allegations of British involvement in 'Operation Blue Star', but certain elements remain still remain unclear.

"It remains unclear, for example, why the Government has today chosen to publish Mrs Gandhi's letter to Mrs Thatcher, but not Mrs Thatcher's letter to Mrs Gandhi," he said.

"The pain and suffering still felt by many about the tragic events of 1984 places a particular duty on the Government to provide what answers it can to address very genuine concerns," he added.

Leicestershire Sikh Alliance meets with Leicester MP

Kartar Singh met with Jon Ashworth MP today Credit: ITV News Central

Leicestershire Sikh Alliance spokesman, Kartar Singh, met with Jon Ashworth MP before the House of Commons statement by William Hague today.

The Foreign Secretary was addressing MP's on British involvement in the 1984 Sri Harmandhir Sahib (Golden Temple) military assault.

Sikhs in the Midlands have been watching the debate closely, and Mr Hague has said he hopes the investigation can provide them with 'reassurance'.

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