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700 animal rights demonstrators expected in Nottingham

File picture of beagles Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Animal lovers will march through Nottingham city centre today to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories.

600-700 campaigners are expected to attend to raise awareness of what they call the "outdated science of animal experiments".

They want the government to stop experiments on animals.


Derby Cathedral Peregrine Falcon to be a mum again

Peregrine Falcon with her egg Credit: Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project

In the early hours of this morning, Derby Cathedral's Peregrine Falcon laid her first egg of 2014.

Peregrine Falcon eggs are a deep reddish-brown colour.

You can watch the proud mum-to-be live via web cam here.

The proud mum-to-be Credit: Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project

Last year falcon fans had to wait until April 3rd for the first egg and this year she is one day later than 2008, when she laid on March 28th.

The earliest ever date was in 2009 when she laid on March 23rd.


Strong winds blow roof off crocodile house at Dudley Zoo

Janet the crocodile was exposed to the elements Credit: Dudley Zoo

A section of the Reptile House roof at Dudley Zoo blew off on Friday night and exposed a female West African dwarf crocodile to the elements.

High winds lifted the panel above Janet the crocodile's vivarium and keepers were forced to secure the roof.

Keeper inspects damage to roof Credit: Dudley Zoo

Jill Hitchman, from Dudley Zoo, said: "There was absolutely no risk of Janet escaping as she is within a secure enclosure inside the building, and spot heaters in the vivarium ensured there was no problem with temperatures falling."

"Everyone was surprised to see the section off, but the winds were very strong on the hill on Friday and just caught the side of the Reptile House which is on the turn of road leading up to the castle."

West Midlands MEP 'outraged' after giraffe killed at Copenhagen Zoo

West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire, says she is 'outraged' and 'absolutely disgusted', after Copenhagen Zoo put down a healthy young giraffe.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park had offered to re-home 18-month-old Marius, but the Zoo said it was impossible as it would go against European breeding laws.

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