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Coroner: Brecon soldiers 'not adequately conditioned' for SAS test march

A coroner is expected to record verdicts today into the deaths of three army reservists who died after taking part in an SAS march on the Brecon Beacons two years ago.

Edward Maher, Craig Roberts and James Dunsby died after taking part in the exercise in 2013.

An inquest had heard that despite the soldiers being incredibly fit, they were 'not adequately conditioned' for the march and that those in charge were unaware of the weather conditions.

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Family members arrive at court to await Brecon soldier deaths verdict

The family of Craig Roberts arrived at the court along with James Dunsby's father, David.

Craig Roberts' family have arrived at court in Solihull along with James Dunsby's father, David, after a verdict is expected to be recorded into the deaths of the three soldiers following an SAS march.

The coroner, Louise Hunt, is due to give her ruling on the deaths of three soldiers who died after collapsing on an SAS test march in the Brecon Beacons.

Craig Roberts, from Penrhyn Bay, James Dunsby and Edward Maher all died from over heating in July 2013.


Father remembers final moments with SAS hopeful son

The father of a soldier who died in an SAS selection test has described how he sat talking to his son at his bedside hours before he died. James Dunsby - who was hoping to the join the Hereford-base SAS regiment - suffered fatal heat stroke on a test march.

His father has been speaking to ITV news about his last moments with his son. Tomorrow, a coroner is due to record a verdict into the recruit's death. Two other soldiers also died on the march. Mark Gough reports.

Evidence concludes for SAS Inquest

Today is the last day of evidence for an inquest into the deaths of three Army reservists who collapsed during an SAS training exercise.

Lance Corporal Edward Maher, Corporal James Dunsby and Lance Corporal Craig Roberts Credit: MoD/ Joe Giddens/PA Wire
  • 11.18am first reports of men struggling with the heat.
  • At 3.36pm, L/Cpl Roberts activated his personal "man-down" beacon showing he was in trouble, and was found 25 minutes later.
  • L/Cpl Maher, had set off on the same route at a slightly different time, but at 4.10pm his tracker showed he had also stopped. He was not found for another 45 minutes, and was "not breathing". He was only about 1,000 yards from the finishing line.
  • Cpl Dunsby was on a different route, but started to fall behind time. At 4.10pm, he was noted as not making any progress, and at 4.52pm he was actually found by directing staff

Both L/Cpl Roberts and L/Cpl Maher died of hyperthermia, while Cpl Dunsby died of multiple organ failure as a result of hyperthermia.

Verdicts are expected to be recorded on July 14.

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'Too much paperwork' to halt SAS march, inquest hears

It's claimed an army officer told a grieving family it would have been 'too much paperwork' to cancel an SAS test march - in which three soldiers died on the Brecon Beacons.

An inquest has been told the remarks were made to the relatives of Lance Corporal Craig Roberts from Penrhyn Bay.

Watch the report from Alexandra Lodge below:

The inquest also heard from one of four other reservists who were hospitalised after the march.

He gave evidence from screened-off witness box constructed specifically to protect military witnesses' identity.


SAS deaths inquest: Craig Roberts 'lit up every room'

A Leicester University graduate who collapsed and died during an SAS training exercise in the Brecon Beacons two years ago a "genuine man, who lit up every room he was in", an inquest has been told.

Lance Corporal Craig Roberts died in 2013 Credit: ITV News

Lance Corporal Craig Roberts, 24, was pronounced dead on the mountainside after taking part in the military exercise on Pen Y Fan in July 2013.

ITV Wales reporter Alexandra Lodge has the latest from the inquest in Solihull:

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Coroner orders reporting delay for 'security' reasons

The coroner in the inquest into the deaths of three soldiers who died after a military exercise in Brecon Beacons has ordered a five minute delay in reporting details from the hearing.

The Ministry of Defence had argued for this because of the potential of disclosing of facts relating to national security.

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Family told SAS march went ahead 'to save paperwork'

An Army officer told a grieving family it would have been "too much paperwork" to cancel a special forces test march which led to three deaths, a coroner has heard.

The unnamed commanding officer allegedly made the remark to relatives of Lance Corporal Craig Roberts.

ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn is at the inquest in Birmingham.

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Families tell inquest of dead soldiers' SAS hopes

An inquest into the deaths of three soldiers during a gruelling SAS test in 2013 has heard from their families, as they talk about the men's hopes of joining 'the best of the best.'

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