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£450 for a loaf of bread!

An expensive loaf: one shopper in Wolverhampton was accidentally charged £450 a loaf of bread Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

Asda has apologised to a customer who was charged £450 for a loaf of bread at a self-service check out at a store in Wolverhampton.

John Brown only noticed the error when he checked his bank statement, three days after buying two loaves, some jam and a box of eggs.

Mr Brown has been fully reimbursed by the store on Jack Hayward Way.

Staff at Asda office in Leicestershire told of potential job losses

200 jobs could go from Asda Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Staff at an Asda office in Leicestershire have been briefed by the company on a five-year plan which could see the loss of 200 jobs.

The company’s clothing arm, George, is based in Lutterworth, and staff there, as well as at the head office in Leeds, have been told of the plans to tackle the increasing competition from rivals and discounting stores.

An Asda spokeswoman said:

In the spirit of openness, we've let our colleagues know that we will be having some more detailed discussions with them this week about a new structure.

The company have not commented on details of the redundancy plan, which will not impact on shop-floor staff.