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Ashleigh and Pudsey return to region for special screening of first feature film

Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey attend the premiere of their new film in London. Credit: Press Association Images.

Britain's Got Talent winners Ashleigh Butler and her dog Pudsey were back in the region today to be given the freedom of Wellingborough.

Tonight, they'll head to Northampton for a special screening of the dancing duo's first feature film.

Our reporter Olivia Paterson has been there too.

When Ashleigh and Pudsey came to ITV News Central

BGT stars Ashleigh and Pudsey from Northamptonshire popped into ITV News Central today ahead of the launch of their first ever film on Friday.

Britain's Got Talent Judge, David Walliams, provides the voice of Pudsey in the film which hits cinemas on Friday.

Sameena and Bob asked them all about the film, how Pudsey is finding life as a movie-star and is there anything he won't do?


Is there anything Pudsey won't do?

Britain's Got Talent stars Ashleigh and Pudsey from Northamptonshire paid a quick visit to ITV News Central this afternoon, following the premiere of their new movie which is out this week.

Pudsey was the perfect interviewee as our presenters Sameena and Bob asked them about the film for our programme. Here we find out if there's anything Ashleigh can't teach Pudsey to do.

Watch the trailer for Pudsey The Dog: The Movie

Britain's Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey are back and their film about the talented trick-performing pooch is out this week.

The Northamptonshire based pair won the ITV talent show in 2012, after impressing the judges.

Pudsey The Dog: The Movie is out in cinemas on Friday.

David Walliams provides Pudsey's voice in the film.

What the 'Pudsey effect' survey found

These are the results of the survey by the Kennel Club, which says dogs are becoming more talented thanks to Ashley & Pudsey from Wellingborough, who won Britain's Got Talent in 2012.

  • 32% say Ashley & Pudsey's success has encouraged them to train their dogs
  • 54% spent up to 5 hours a week training their dogs
  • 81% taught basic obedience
  • 31% taught dogs to fetch newspapers and slippers around the house
  • 15% taught agility

Some dogs are being trained to tackle basic obstacles, dancing to music or even riding a surf or skateboard.

More than 1000 people took part in the research commissioned by the Kennel Club.


Kennel Club: teaching dogs tricks is good for them

The secretary of the Kennel Club is pleased the "Pudsey Effect" is encouraging dog owners to teach their pets new tricks.

"It is great to see the so-called 'Pudsey effect' motivating people to teach their dogs tricks and take part in dog sports and leisure activities. It is a perfect way for dog and owner to bond and have fun in the process."

– Caroline Kisko, The Kennel Club

Dogs becoming more talented thanks to 'Pudsey effect'

Ashleigh Butler with Pudsey at his autobiography launch last year Credit: PA

Dogs are becoming more talented thanks to Ashleigh Butler & Pudsey, the 2012 winners of Britain's Got Talent from Northamptonshire, according to a survey by the Kennel Club.

Nearly a third of dogs owners said they'd been encouraged to train their pets to do tricks after Ashleigh & Pudsey from Wellingborough won last year's ITV talent show.

Members of the Kennel Club were asked as part of the launch of the Crufts Factor competition, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham between the 7-10 March.