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Weekend Picks: Bearwood Food Festival

Credit: Bearwood Pantry

Bearwood Food Festival is back this weekend after the success of its first festival last year.

There’ll be a range of stalls offering food from Africa, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, as well as traditional meat pies and scotch eggs from a local Black Country butcher.

This festival is going to be even bigger and better than the last. The first one was us testing the water and people came in droves with many stalls selling out by lunchtime.

This time, we’re expecting the big crowds and we’ll have a wider range of food and produce, storytelling and music, as well as more community involvement"

– Jo Capper, founder member, Bearwood Pantry

For more details see Bearwood Pantry.

Bearwood's first food festival opens its doors

Bearwood's first food festival has opened its doors. The event run by Bearwood Pantry, a local food co-operative, is hoping to attract hundreds of people today.

There are a huge array of stalls offering local and international foods plus the chance for a food and recipe swap.

Organisers are also hoping people will enjoy sampling food and good conversation at the communal table.

“It’s really different to everything else that’s happening. This food festival is celebrating our diverse community and championing great quality, affordable food. "

– Jo Capper, Bearwood Pantry

Lightwoods Park to get £3.6 million from Heritage Lottery

Lightwoods Park in 1908. Credit: Maxam Cards

Lightwoods Park in Bearwood is to receive £3.6 million of Heritage Lottery money. Council and the Friends of Lightwoods Park and House are to make an announcement about this later on today.

Lightwoods House Refreshment Room. Credit: Maxam Cards

The money will be used to restore the dilapidated Grade II listed house and park on the site back to the condition it was in its Georgian heyday.

The house, which has 17 rooms, will be turned into a community centre with Georgian tearooms, restaurant and Sure Start centre.

Lightwoods House. Credit: Sandwell MBC

The park will have an improved play area and lakes, marshland and ornate bridge as it once did.

The house used to be owned by a family that owned most of the land in Bearwood.

Up until two years ago the park was owned by Birmingham City Council.

Bearwood High Street is struggling with lots of empty shops. So it is hoped the restoration will rejuvenate the high street too.


Thieves beat jeweller with sledgehammer in daylight robbery

Police are investigating after thieves hit a jeweller over the head, twice, with a sledgehammer.

It happened at Davand Jewellers at around 4.30pm on Saturday in Bearwood, in Birmingham.

The jeweller escaped with minor injuries after the four offenders got away with tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock.

The thieves smashed down the front door to the shop and used sledgehammers to break into a glass cabinet in order to gain access to 17 trays of gold.

During the raid, the 52-year-old shop owner pressed a panic alarm, the offenders then struck him twice with the hammer. His wife was also present but was not attacked.

“The victim was lucky to have got away with relatively minor injuries following what was an extremely nasty attack, there was no need for the level of violence used.

“I’m keen to hear from anyone who witnessed any of what happened or anyone who has any information about who may be responsible.”

– Detective Constable, Steve Goddard
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