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Suspected illegal immigrants climb into back of moving lorry

A teacher from Bedworth in Warwickshire has been talking to ITV News about the moment he saw suspected illegal immigrants climbing into the back of a moving lorry in Calais.

Matt Stanley was on the way back from holiday in Dusseldorf when he saw the men and women open the back of the lorry as it queued up towards the Calais Docks.

They then make a desperate attempt to clamber into the back of the van while it was still moving.

Mr Stanley filmed the incident as it unfolded.


Challenge for identification say Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council are encouraging council tenants and leaseholders to challenge anyone who arrives to work on their properties for identification.

It follows an incident, last week, where lead roofing was stolen from a Council-owned building by thieves who were wearing overalls, leading tenants to think they were carrying out repairs on behalf of the Council.

"This theft is a very serious incident and we are working with the police to catch those responsible."**

– Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council spokesman

The thieves were caught performing the same scam at two different locations on CCTV.

Anyone who is unsure about visitors to their home can always ask for identification as all Council employees and contractors must carry it with them at all times. For more information call 024 7637 6406.