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Shocking video shows tractor going up in flames

A farmer has sent ITV News Central a video showing his tractor going up in flames in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.

Rob Hill, 37, was driving along Wollaton Road this afternoon when he noticed smoke coming out of the vehicle.

He jumped out and saw fire coming out from underneath. He managed to turn the engine off and grab the keys from the tractor.

Rob told us he couldn't believe how quickly it went up in flames.



Post-natal depression symptoms

An inquest has heard that a GP from Nottingham, found dead on wastleland in November last year, had been diagnosed with post-natal depression.

The PNI website lists a number of symptoms, including:

  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Constant tiredness, irritability and even anger
  • A fear of illness in yourself and or others
  • Feeling physically ill and having physical symptoms that are unusual for you such as chest pains, breathing problems, headaches, dizziness, many minor illnesses and stomach upsets
  • Worrying constantly about the health of yourself your baby, your other children or family and friends
  • Obsessive thoughts or repetitive, chanting thoughts or voices
  • Many women with PNI describe a feeling of having ‘foggy’ vision or a ‘mussy’ head

For the full list of symptoms, visit the Post-Natal Illness website

More advice and support can be found on the PANDAS website.

  1. Peter Bearne

Dr Kinston was diagnosed with post-natal depression

Dr Kinston's GP has told the court she diagnosed her as having post-natal depression.The 37-year-old gave birth to her second child in January 2013.

Dr Elizabeth Woodroffe saw her on several occasions in the months leading up to her death, including on the morning she disappeared.

Dr Elizabeth Kinston Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Dr Woodroffe said Dr Kinston came to her with anxieties about her house and work. At times, she also had suicidal thoughts but denied having specific plans to carry them out.

But the GP from Manor Surgery in Beeston said Dr Kinston never told her about any irrational anxieties such as worries about being spied on or being followed.

The court heard they talked over counselling options and Dr Kinston chose Cognitive Behavioural Therapy rather than being referred to a psychiatrist.

  1. Peter Bearne

Nottingham GP cause of death "mixed drug toxicity"

An inquest has heard that a GP found dead on wasteland in Nottingham had an assortment of prescribed drugs in her body.

The cause of Dr Elizabeth Kinston's death was given as "mixed drug toxicity".

Elizabeth Kinston from Nottingham went missing last year Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

The 37-year-old mother of two from Beeston disappeared on 1st November last year. Her body was discovered at King's Meadow Nature Reserve two weeks later.

The inquest was told Dr Kinston was having irrational anxieties in the months before she went missing.

Police divers were involved in the search Credit: ITV News Central

The coroner read out statements from her family which revealed that she had worried she was being followed, that her neighbour was spying on her and that her mobile phone and tablet had been bugged.

She also had anxieties about cracks in her home and possible subsidence, fearing it might jeopardise a house move.

Inquest into death of Nottingham GP who went missing

The inquest into the death of a GP from Nottingham who went missing last year is due to begin today.

Elizabeth Kinston's body was found in grassland in Dunkirk in November.

Elizabeth Kinston from Nottingham went missing last year Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

It is thought she was suffering from post-natal depression.

Police divers were involved in the search for the missing mother Credit: ITV News Central
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