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Mum-of-seven explains why she can't live on less than £600 per week

Claire Bache from Birmingham receives almost £32,000 per year in benefits to help care for her six children, but she says changes to the benefits system will leave her homeless.

Currently she gets £600 per week, but that is to be cut to around £500 per week as part of the Government's changes to the benefit system.

'£2,000 per month is not enough'

Mum-of-seven Clare Bache from Birmingham says she'll lose her home because of benefit cuts Credit: ITV News Central

A mum-of-seven from Birmingham says that planned cuts to her benefits will leave her family homeless. Clare Bache receives an annual income of £32,000 from benefits. She lives in a six-bedroomed house in Birmingham. She claims living on £2,000 per month will be impossible.


What is Personal Independence Payment?

Credit: PA

Disability Living Allowance will end for everyone of working age even if they have an indefinite period award. By working age the Government means everyone who is aged 16 to 64 on the day that Personal Independence Payment is introduced.

The new system is based on an assessment of individual need. It will focus on an individual’s ability to carry out a range of key activities necessary to everyday life.

Information will be gathered from the individual, as well as healthcare and other professionals who work with and support them. Most people will also be asked to a face to face consultation with a trained independent assessor as part of the claim process.

How will under 16s be affected by benefit allowance changes?

The Government has confirmed that there are no current plans to replace Disability Living Allowance for children under 16 and people aged 65 and over who are already receiving the allowance.

The new system being introduced, Personal Independence Payment, is based on an assessment of individual need. The new assessment will focus on an individual’s ability to carry out a range of key activities necessary to everyday life.


Neuromuscular centre concerned about changes to disability payment

A neuromuscular centre in the Midlands is concerned about new changes to disability payments.

Karen Bayliss is one of the four founders of Neuromuscular Centre Midlands, and says people are scared about changes in the benefit system.

On Monday the first stage of the conversion from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment begins, with a trial in the North West where all new claimants will go straight to PIP.

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