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Betty's son: "had he not been caught he would have continued to kill others and leave more misery in his wake"

David Yates, son of murdered Betty Yates Credit: ITV Central

David Yates, the son of murdered retired teacher Betty Yates spoke outside of court after Stephen Farrow received two life sentences for murder.

He said "we should all be relieved and thankful Farrow is off the streets of Britain today. As in his words that had he not been caught he would have continued to kill others and leave more misery in his wake."


Family spokesperson: "sentence reflects brutal nature of crimes"

The families of the retired teacher and vicar murdered by Stephen Farrow have said in a statement they "take some comfort from today's conviction but "nothing will compensate the families...for their losses."

"The sentence today reflectsd the brutal nature of these crimes and the devastating effect they had on the families of these victims".

Knife was found embedded in retired teacher's neck

Betty Yates the ex teacher was found stabbed with a knife stil in her neck Credit: ITV

Betty Yates the retired teacher was found two days after her murder lying in her hallway with her head resting on a cushion.

The court heard she was found with a knife still embedded in her head after being stabbed four times and beaten with a walking stick.

A swab taken from the scene represented a "one-in-a-billion match" as a mixture of DNA belonging to the Yates and Farrow, the court heard


Stephen Farrow the homeless drifter obsessed with religion

Stephen Farrow was obsessed with religion and claimed he was once sexually abused by a priest at boarding school and wanted to murder the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Farrow denied the murders of Betty Yates and Rev Suddards but admitted to the manslaughter charge of Rev John Suddards on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

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