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Rabbit thrown from bridge in Bewdley

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a man threw a rabbit from a bridge in Bewdley last week.

Rowers on the River Severn saw the man cycle along the bridge on Kidderminster Road at about 8.15pm on June 17 and remove a live rabbit from a bag.

When he was asked what he was doing, the man replied, “It’s got mixy”. He then threw the rabbit into the river.

The RSPCA was contacted and no body has been recovered.

It doesn’t matter whether this rabbit had mixomatosis or any other problem – there is no excuse to throw a live animal to its certain death.

The poor thing must have been absolutely terrified.

– Kelly Lake, RSPCA inspector


Farrow left note during a burglary threatening to kill

This is the note Stephen Farrow left the homeowners when they failed to return Credit: ITV Central

Farrows trial was told he has psychopathic tendencies and had planned to crucify Rev Suddards.

At a nearby burglary he left a note: "be thankful you did not come back or I would have killed you Christian scum, hate God."

"Where was Betty's right when he killed her?" Former pupil criticises Farrow for not attending court

Former pupil Verity Worthington spoke to Central News recently. She described Betty Yates as a teacher who 'brought real life to the classroom'.

During the trial Stephen Farrow exercised his right not to attend on some days, which the judge told the jury should not affect their verdict.

This says Verity is something she found difficult to accept.


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