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Plane turns back to Birmingham Airport after bird strike

The Thomas Airways plane had to loop back towards the runway. Credit: PA Images

A passenger plane had to return to Birmingham Airport after a bird strike.

The Thomson Airways flight to Paphos in Cyprus had been scheduled to take off at 2.05pm but the plane had to loop back towards the runway.

There were no reports of any injuries aboard the 189-seat 737-800 plane.

The airline Thomson has apologised for the delays and wants to reassure customers that issues of this nature are very rare.

They did a loop back around and landed safely. There are no injuries and the passengers were all taken off and are now awaiting another plane.

– Spokesman for Birmingham Airport


  1. Chris Halpin

Airport worker saves family holiday after chickenpox flight ban

A family from Coventry who almost lost their holiday because their youngest had chickenpox say they've made a lifelong friend in an airport worker who saved the day.

The Doyle family were asked to leave a plane when cabin crew discovered their one year old was recovering from the contagious illness.

In order to fly, a fitness to fly letter is needed from a GP, but in a mix up at their surgery they didn't have one.

So when customer services worker Zita Small bumped into the disappointed family in the terminal building, she made it her mission to get them from Birmingham to Portugal. Chris Halpin reports.


Birmingham flights to and from Turkey disrupted

Services to Istanbul have been cancelled today. Credit: PA

Some flights have been cancelled to and from Turkey after at least 90 people were killed in an attempted military coup.

Britons are advised to "stay indoors" following a night with gunfire and explosions in Ankara and Istanbul and reports of shooting near the tourist resort of Marmaris.

Birmingham airport says services to and from Turkey have been disrupted.

Servicves to Istanbul have been cancelled, but flights to the coastal resort of Dalaman are currently still operating.

The advice is for passengers to check the airport website for the latest information and check with their airline before travel.

“Due to the unexpected unrest that occurred on the 16th of July 2016 in Turkey, we would kindly ask all passengers to check the latest information about their flights, before embarking on their journey."

– Turkish Airlines

160 football hooligans ordered to surrender passports ahead of Euro 2016

Officers will step up patrol at Birmingham Airport as more than 150 football hooligans have been ordered to hand over passports ahead of the Euro 2016.

Credit: West Midlands Police

A total of 160 fans banned from watching matches have been asked to surrender their documents today and tomorrow.

Police want to stop them travelling to the tournament in France that starts on 10 June.

Officers will also step up patrols at Birmingham Airport and have teams of “spotters” looking for troublemakers who ignore the restriction.

Banning orders are there for a reason and known troublemakers will not be welcome at Euro 2016.

We will actively pursue anyone who fails to hand over their passport. Although in previous years the majority have understood the consequences of ignoring the order and complied with the conditions.

People may see a more visible police presence at the airport but there is no reason to be alarmed, we will have a targeted, intelligence-led approach.

– Chief Insp Nick Rowe, of West Midlands Police

Those who ignore the conditions of their order could be jailed for up to six months or fined up to £5,000.

A banning order usually runs for between three and ten years and prevents anyone convicted of football-related offences from attending matches or going to overseas tournaments.

They are given to people convicted of violence or disorder and also those who commit a football-related offence such as fighting or damaging property in a pub while watching a match.

Passports will be retained until the end of the competition and will then be handed back.

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