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Albert Bore: Role of city region 'coming to the fore'

The No vote in the Scottish referendum has also triggered calls from town halls up and down England for greater local powers, with the City Centred campaign group of eight regional cities urging "urgent devolution".

In a statement, the group, which represents Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, and Sheffield, said the result north of the border was a "yes vote for devolution".

It has now called on the leaders of the three main political parties in Westminster to ring the changes.

The statement read: "It is vital urgent devolution to England, and particularly to its cities, forms a key part of this package of reforms - new powers to grow and invest will have hugely beneficial effects in England's cities, and across the whole country.

"We are pleased the Prime Minister committed to empower England's great cities in his statement after the referendum vote."

The campaign has urged Westminster to hand cities the power to determine where cash investment goes locally, adding it would enable key decisions to be "made closer to the people they directly effect".

Sir Albert Bore, Leader, Birmingham City Council Credit: PA

Sir Albert Bore, part of the City Centred campaign and leader of Birmingham City Council - the largest such authority outside London, said:

"What will happen now is that substantial powers and devolution will come to the Scottish Parliament and to the Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly.

“There will be a great deal of pressure to put in similar arrangements into place for England or the English regions.

“I think there is an inevitability that will happen. The role of the city region in driving that agenda is coming to the fore.”

Man arrested in connection with Birmingham art theft

A CCTV appeal from police has been viewed more than 200,000 times Credit: West Midlands Police

A 41-year-old man has been arrested in connection with an art theft in Birmingham.

It's after a CCTV appeal from police this week which has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

The footage showed a man attempting to hide the piece in his clothing.


Birmingham muslims join Islamic National Day of Prayer

Muslims in Birmingham will be joining an Islamic National Day of Prayer Credit: ITV News Central

Muslims in Birmingham will be joining an Islamic National Day of Prayer today.

Alan Henning Credit: ITV News Central

It follows the kidnap of Alan Henning and the murder of David Haines in Syria by the group which calls itself Islamic State.

It will be an extension of the weekly Friday prayers.

David Haines Credit: ITV News Central

Aston Villa manager says chairman still wants to sell

Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert says he still thinks chairman Randy Lerner's planning on selling the club.

Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert Credit: PA

That's despite Lerner giving Lambert a new four-year deal at the club this week.

His side has managed an unbeaten start to the Premier League season, which continues tomorrow at home to Arsenal.

Is this Britain's worst job?

Think your job is tough? Imagine being Birmingham city centre's bird droppings shoveller.

Sean Wright cleans up goose droppings from towpaths Credit: BPM Media

Sean Wright cleans up goose droppings from towpaths for the Broad Street Business Improvement District and says he is proud of what he does.

The 37-year-old was given the role by BID boss Mike Olley following complaints about the mess left by Canada geese.

I’m knackered, but proud of what I’ve achieved. You could eat a picnic off it now. I thought he was joking when Mike outlined the new role but I never say no. When I got home my clothes went straight in the bin but I did tell my wife I’ve done something today I’m really proud of’.”

– Sean Wright
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