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Images of family who are campaigning for change to ante natal screenings

Rachel in hospital Credit: ITV Central

Jamie and Rachael Bonser are campaigning for hospitals to check for a condition at every pregnant woman's 20-week scan.

The condition is called Vasa Praevia and is caused by the placental or umbilical blood vessels crossing the birth canal.

It is not mandatory for hospitals to check for the condition.

A full list of the symptoms and what to do about them is available here.

Abigail in hospital Credit: Family Photo
4D ultra sound picture of Abigail Credit: Family photo

555 healthy babies die every year from a condition that could be routinely screened

Abigail was just three-days-old when she died Credit: Family photo

Vasa Praevia is caused by blood vessels from the umbilical cord crossing the birth canal, resulting in the death of an otherwise healthy baby.

If the condition is diagnosed early, then the survival rate is 100 per cent.

Rachel and Jamie Bonser from Bestwood in Nottinghamshire, lost their 3 day old baby Abigail in March 2010. Since then they have been campaigning for awareness of the condition and raising funds to pay for a telephone helpline for women who may be affected.

As it stands now women can only be scanned for the condition if they pay for it privately.

Rachel says that leaving the maternity unit empty handed as she did, made her determined that it shouldn't happen to other mothers.


Embryo chromosome testing in the Midlands could increase fertility rate

Couples planning to have IVF treatment for the first time are being encouraged to take part in a unique clinical trial at a Midlands Fertility Centre.

Doctors at the CARE clinic in Nottingham want to recruit 200 couples under the age of 35, and screen their embryos for chromosome abnormalities.

It's the first time in the world a trial like this has taken place, and doctors believe it could increase their pregnancy success rates by up to sixty per cent.