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Manganese administrators say they "had to make staff redundancies"

“Regretfully, without financial support to overcome the Group's operational issues we have had to make staff redundancies. While the steering box recall remains, there is a voluntary suspension on vehicle sales, and we are now concentrating all resources on testing the solution to the steering fault. We have retained sufficient numbers of staff across the dealership, head office and production network to address the operational, technical and financial circumstances that the business faces."

– Matthew Hammond, joint administrator and PwC partner

Unite calls calls for Government to save black cab manufacturer

Unite is calling for the Government to step in to save taxi manufacturer Manganese-Bronze.

The Coventry-based maker of London black cabs said they were going into administration last week, putting more than 200 posts at risk.

"Only last night PWC were telling us there were significant interested parties. Now the administrators are ruthlessly sacking over 150 highly skilled workers at the iconic black cab maker.

"The black cabs are world famous and we believe this company has a future. How can PWC treat this company as a going concern with virtually no staff?

"The black cab is part of Britain's car manufacturing heritage; the government must now be on standby to save this historic company from being left to the vultures."

– Roger Maddison, Unite national officer for the automotive industry

Workers believed to have locked themselves inside factory

Workers at the Coventry-based maker of London black cabs are believed to have locked themselves inside their factory after 99 were told they were being made redundant.

Manganese-Bronze said they were going into administration last week, putting more than 200 posts at risk.

Unite has described the decision as outrageous and says the Government should step in to save the taxi manufacturer.


Taxi driver says firm "needs more economical engine to compete"

As black cab Coventry manufacturer Manganese Bronze heads into administration Central News asked a Birmingham taxi driver if he thinks black cabs could be saved.

"I hope it does but they need to go back to the drawing board and find an engine which is economical. You're getting return of 20 to the gallon. The way the fuel prices are, 20 to the gallon is nothing and with a Mercedes you're getting over 35 to the gallon " - Abdul Qazoom

Is this the end of the black cab as Coventry firm goes into administration?

The future of Coventry black cab maker has gone into administration Credit: PA

On Central Tonight we are examining the future of Coventry taxi maker, Manganese Bronze as it heads into administration.

We have spent the day with a Birmingham cabbie who drives one of their taxis.

The firm is losing money and not selling enough cars.

It is also fighting off competition from big car makers like Mercedes and soon Nissan who are converting their people carriers into taxis.

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