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Burning Buckingham Palace raises over £11,000

Buckingham Palace was made with over 1,000 pallets donated by local businesses Credit: ITV Central

Around 2,000 people turned up to watch a replica of Buckingham Palace go up in flames.

The retired scrap-metal worker says this will be his last build Credit: ITV Central

The man who constructed the build, retired scrap metal worker, Eddie Heath spent 5 months creating the masterpiece for a charity bonfire evening.

Over £11,000 was raised for Staffordshire Air Ambulance during the evening.


Buckingham Palace on a bonfire

The replica is made from over 1,000 pallets donated by local companies Credit: ITV Central

A retired scrap metal worker, from Staffordshire, is going to be putting Buckingham Palace on a bonfire all in the name of charity.

It took Eddie Heath, 63, took four months to make the replica from more than 1,000 wooden pallets donated by local companies.

The former scrap metal worker has previously burned replicas of the White House and Wembley Stadium Credit: ITV Central

The palace stands at 23 feet high and 90 feet wide. Eddie has built dozens of landmark bonfires since 1992 each time raising money for charity.

Eddie wrote to the Queen asking her permission to burn Buckingham Palace Credit: ITV Central

Eddie said; "It just seemed fitting to choose Buckingham Palace in a year when we've had so much to be proud of in Britain."

Eddie wrote to the Queen seeking permission to burn the replica palace, he received a letter back with her best wishes.

The Palace by night Credit: ITV Central

Each year Eddie has built a work of art for a bonfire, hundreds of people from the local community and further afield have attended the events at his local pub The Royal Oak, which this year includes fireworks, food and live music.

The bonfire will be held at the pub on Sunday from 7.30pm. Tickets are £8 and are available from the pub or on the night. Eddie says he won't be too sad to see his latest creation go up in flames adding "This is my art."

Previous creations have included models of the White House and Wembley Stadium.