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Name sought for 'Boris Bikes' in Northampton

Boris Johnson launching his bike hire scheme in London

'Boris Bikes' are coming to Northamptonshire and the County Council says it's been inundated with suggestions for a name for its own bicycle hire scheme. In the three days since the contest was launched to find a name almost 200 entries have been submitted.

Suggestions so far include Bike n Ride and Cobblers Carriages. The £150,000 scheme will provide 50 bikes around the town.

"Boris bikes" for Birmingham in October

A rack of Boris bikes in Haymarket, London Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Rail passengers will be able to hire bicycles from outside Birmingham's three city centre stations by mid-October.

Centro and Birmingham City Council have come up with the scheme that will see 60 bikes stored outside New Street, Snow Hill and Moor Street stations for commuters to continue their journey.

Centro, London Midlands and Birmingham City Council have provided the funding for the £140,000 scheme which is similar to the "Boris bikes" scheme in London.


New cycle scheme for Birmingham

A new cycle scheme in Birmingham will allow rail passengers using Birmingham's three city centre stations to hire bicycles and cycle the rest of their journeys.

Transport authority Centro have teamed up with Birmingham City Council to launch the £140,000 scheme.

Docks will contain 20 bikes, with each bike opened from its bay by using a code sent to the user's phone.


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