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James DeGale hoping to win a world title in USA

Packing a punch - DeGale in training at St George's Park. Credit: ITV News Central

Boxing gold medalist James DeGale is hoping to be the first British Olympic champion to win a world title when he fights in the USA in May.

He's been training at St George's Park in Burton-on-Trent.

DeGale has always been open about his intentions to fight Carl Froch from Burton Joyce in Nottinghamshire.

But first he must face the American Andre Dirrell in Boston, with a narrow win enough to catapult him to world boxing superstar status.


Froch near to confirming Vegas fight with Chavez Jnr

Carl Froch has told ITV News exclusively that he is near to confirming he will fight in Las Vegas against Mexican boxer Julio Chavez Jnr.

He told us:

I've said before if I can't fight in Vegas I'll probably call it a day, it has to be big, and Chavez Jnr is that man, and I have had a good chat with my promoter this morning and we are making good progress with that fight and hopefully we'll have an announcement soon.

– Carl Froch
Nottingham boxer Carl Froch Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire/Press Association Images

"I've said before if I can't fight in Vegas I'll probably call it a day, it has to be big, and Chavez Jnr is that man, and I have had a good chat with my promoter this morning and we are making good progress with that fight and hopefully we'll have an announcement soon."

Birmingham boxer to go head-to-head with rival ahead of fight

Frankie Gavin fights Sacky Shikukutu earlier this year Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Frankie Gavin, the current British and Commonwealth Welterweight Boxing Champion from Birmingham, will meet his rival head-to-head later ahead of their fight on Friday in Wolverhampton.

Gavin is taking on Leonard Bundu for the European Welterweight Championship.

'It's over! I'm glad it's been put to bed' says Froch's mum

Car Froch's mum, Carol Weatherbed, has described the weight that has been lifted off her shoulders after her son survived the pressure to knock out George Groves in the biggest post-war fight in British boxing history on Saturday.

Speaking at Wembley Stadium after the fight, she says she is delighted the Froch vs Groves saga is all over and that Carl won:

"I just feel like the whole world has been lifted off my shoulders, I'm so happy, I'm so proud! It's been massive, It's been horrendous - like carl says its been a year of whinging and moaning and trash talking and it's over. I'm glad it's been put to bed!"

'He was like the Terminator' says Cobra's step-dad

Carl Froch's step-father says he thought Carl was like the Terminator when he went toe-to-toe with George Groves at Wembley on Saturday night:

"I said to carl tonight, he was like the Terminator, just looking at him! I've been around him for years and I know when he's switched on and tonight that warrior was coming out and Groves got a different Carl Froch. I've said it all along, I knew he'd bring his game-plan."


Cobra's friend says 'we all knew what he was capable of'

Carl Froch's friend and occasional fitness coach, Shaun Davy, says he was 100% happy with his performance and that Groves saw a different 'Cobra' in this fight compared to the first:

"I was pleased 100% tonight! Obviously, Carl was in fantastic shape and we knew what he was capable of, but that one punch, you could see it coming to be fair! Groves was good, he was faster, but carl was so strong. He was on it tonight, 100% focussed and that's really what I expected from him."

'I'm so proud I could cry' says Froch's partner Rachael

Carl Froch's partner, Rachael Cordingly, has described how pleased she is that her man won his domestic world title fight with George Groves on Saturday night.

She says she is pleased to have Carl back after he spent much of the last few months away at his training camp:

"I can't put it into words, but I'm so proud I could cry! I'm so proud of him, I'm so happy...

...You know they're all pretty big - every fight that I go to watch - they're all pretty big - but that one I know meant so much to him so I couldn't be prouder. I haven't seen him for three months so I cant wait to have him back!"

Groves: 'I got complacent and paid the price'

George Groves says he let himself down, that he got 'complacent for a split second and paid the price', in his super-middleweight contest with Nottingham's Carl Froch.

He is hoping that his new fan base sticks by him in future though:

"I'm very disappointed with tonight. Very, very disappointed. I'll go back and I'll watch it back and no doubt I'll be even more disappointed and frustrated. I feel like I've let myself down because that fight was there for me to win...

...I got complacent for a split second and I paid the price. It's world class boxing so I have to eradicate that from my game. But, I hope the fans stick with me, I hope they carry on supporting me and I'll certainly do them proud as quickly as possible."

Froch admits he wants Vegas bout before retirement

Carl Froch says he would like to fight in Las Vegas before he retires. Speaking after beating George Groves in front of a sell-out 80,000 crowd at Wembley last night, he said:

"If that fight there is all I do now in boxing, I will be a happy man! Now I'm not saying that's the end for me, but all I'm saying is, that will be hard to top. I don't know what Eddie can produce or offer me now that's going to be anything close to that, because that was just unbelievable...

...But there is one box that's left to tick and that's Las Vegas; all the greats before me have ticked that box and they've been there and I've not had my name up in lights in the fight capital of the world and it would be nice to do that before i do decide to bow out...

...So i need a long think, but I just want to get back and have a beautiful summer with my beautiful family!"

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