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Man killed in hit and run in Birmingham city centre

A man has died after a car crash on Broad Street in Birmingham city centre in the early hours of this morning.

The 22 year-old man was killed in the collision outside Solomon Cutler pub at around 5.15am.

Broad Street is expected to re-open at 11am this morning Credit: ITV News Central

West Midlands Police says it is trying to trace a vehicle which left the scene of the crash.

The lower end of the street, from Paradise Circus to Gas Street, will be closed until around 11am.


Broad Street disorder: Seven people arrested

Head-stamping attack 'the most sickening I've seen' says investigating officer

The Detective Constable investigating the attack on Broad Street, Birmingham, where a man had his head repeatedly stamped on, has described the assault as 'the most sickening attack'.

Piara Purewal, 22, slammed his foot down 10 times on the back of an 18-year-old's head who had been knocked out cold.

The ferocity of the attack – the repeated, furious stamping – meant we could have been looking at a murder enquiry.

The lad suffered nasty facial injuries, lost several teeth and it was thought he could lose the sight in one eye. Thankfully he made a good physical recovery but understandably he was traumatised by what happened.

The victim was a totally innocent party: he got caught up in an incident not of his making and was understandably unhappy at being shoved to the ground. He approached Purewal and was punched unconscious and repeatedly stamped upon.

He was lying prone, face down on the floor, and unable to defend himself ... it was the most cowardly, sickening attack I've ever seen and Purewal has rightly been handed a long jail term for his actions."

– Detective Constable Sarah McDonnell, Investigating officer

Purewal, from Capstone Avenue in Hockley, who admitted wounding with intent to cause GBH last September, was today sentenced to seven years in prison.

Birmingham head-stamp attacker jailed for seven years

The attack by Piara Purewal was described as 'cowardly' and 'sickening' Credit: West Midlands Police

A Birmingham man who repeatedly stamped on a teenager's head has been jailed for seven years.

Piara Purewal, 22, slammed his foot down 10 times on the back of an 18-year-old's head, who had been knocked out cold.

The pair had clashed in Broad Street in September 2012.

Police say the victim was left with a bleed on the brain, was in hospital for several days and at one stage feared he may lose sight in one eye.

Purewal, from Capstone Avenue in Hockley, admitted wounding with intent to cause GBH.

Man assaulted in Wolverhampton

Police have cordoned off Broad Street in Wolverhampton after a 20-year-old man was assaulted in the early hours of this morning, just before 4am.

He was taken to hospital with serious head injuries.

"The road has been closed as police and forensic experts examine the scene. Anyone with any information should contact police on 101."

– West Midlands Police


Second man charged with head attack on Broad Street

A second man has been charged with assault after an attack where an 18 year-old was floored and stamped on the head during a night out on Broad Street in September.

The 22 year-old from Hockley was arrested yesterday on suspicion of attempted murder and has been charged with two counts of assault.

He will appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court tomorrow.