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A rise in number of women butchers

As part of National Butchers Week ITV News Central has been talking to staff at Walter Smith butchers. They have 17 stores across the region.

They are reporting a significant increase in the number of customers coming into their stores, which they attribute to the horsemeat scandal.

Women butchers are now also a key part of their business.

Teressa Malsbury explains that women butchers are more involved now than they ever were before.

National Butchers Week celebrates an increase in customers

Walter Smiths Butchers Credit: ITV News Central

Today is the start of National Butchers Week. It comes at a time when more people are turning to their local butcher for their meat, following the horsemeat scandal.

Walter Smiths Butchers are a Midlands based chain with 17 shops across the region.

Walter Smiths Butchers Credit: ITV News Central

They have reported, in some areas, an increase of 33% in the number of customer visiting their butchers since the horsemeat scare.

National Butchers Week also celebrates more women taking up the trade.