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Reports: Cadbury investigating after claims wasp found in chocolate bar

Birmingham-based chocolate maker Cadbury is investigating claims a wasp was found in one of its chocolate bars, according to reports.

It follows somebody tweeting the company a picture of what appears to look like a chocolate bar with an insect embedded in the side of it.

The photo that Jake Keating tweeted to Cadbury Credit: Twitter/@Jakeating

According to the Metro, Cadbury responded telling the twitter user it was taking the matter seriously.

Chocolate makers clash over Kit Kat row

Chocolate giants Nestlé and Cadbury have clashed over the shape of Kit Kat bars.

Nestlé have gone to court to try and trademark the three-dimensional shape of a Kit Kat finger, but Cadbury, based in Birmingham, is objecting.

The Kit Kat chunky Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive

Mr Justice Arnold is currently waiting on a decision from a European court relating to the dispute. He said:

"Certain aspects of the relevant law remain unclear.

"I have decided it is necessary to seek clarification of the law from the Court of Justice of the European Union in order to determine the (dispute)."

Cadbury's logo Credit: David Davies/PA Archive/

This is not the first time the rival companies have had legal disputes. Nestlé successfully overturned a courts decision to allow Cadbury to trademark the colour purple used in its famous 'Dairy Milk' chocolate bars.


Cadbury's apprentice quit university for training scheme

A Cadbury's apprentice has told ITV News Central that vocational skills should be seen on the same level as academic qualifications.

Faye Hudson, one of 53 apprentices at Cadbury's, believes the opportunity to 'earn and learn' has offered her more than university could have, after quitting her degree for on the job training.

Today marks the beginning of National Apprentice Week – a government campaign that highlights its £1.5billion investment in training schemes across the UK.


More apprentices at Cadbury's

Apprentices at Cadbury's
Apprentices at Cadbury's Credit: ITV News Central

The number of apprentices in the Midlands has increased by more than ten per cent in the last year, according to the National Apprenticeship Service.

Mondelez, which owns Cadbury's, is one employer in the Midlands investing in apprenticeship schemes. It's predicted within ten years, the number of apprentices will rise by 85 per cent, which the government says will help rebuild the economy.

Cadbury to employ another 22 apprentices

Cadbury factory
Cadbury factory Credit: PA

National Apprentice Week starts today.

This year it is about showcasing the achievements and benefits Apprenticeships deliver, for apprentices, their employers and the economy.

Organisers also want to utilise their experiences to persuade others to get involved.

Mondelez International, who own Cadbury's in Bournville, has employed apprentices for a long time.

It currently has 53 working across different areas of the UK and Ireland. This year they hope to employ another 22.

It's thought apprenticeships are now being considered as an alternative to university.

Business Minister celebrating business growth at Cadbury

Michael Fallon MP at Cadbury
Michael Fallon MP at Cadbury Credit: ITV Central

The Business Minister Michael Fallon has been at the home of Cadbury chocolate in Bournville today.

The visit was part of a tour of businesses that are celebrating manufacturing growth potential in the region.

The minister welcomed a new agreement between Kraft Foods and Birmingham City Council which cuts back on duplication and reduces costs for the council and the company.

Michael Fallon MP at Cadbury in Bournville
Michael Fallon MP at Cadbury in Bournville Credit: ITV Central

Cadbury 'not precious about purple'

The entrance at the headquarters of Cadbury in Birmingham. Credit: PA

Birmingham-based confectioners Cadbury has insisted it is not trying to trademark "50 shades" of purple after coming under fire from a Church of England bishop over rights to use the colour.

The company said its victory in a dispute with rival Nestle over purple packaging did not amount to a bid to copyright all shades of purple - but merely to protect the Cadbury purple associated with its milk chocolate.

"We are not seeking to trademark 50 shades of purple, it is about making sure that the consumer is not confused into thinking this is a Cadbury product - that is the nature of a trademark," a spokesman for Cadbury said.

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