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Holme Lock open day cancelled after leak discovered

An open day at the under-repair Holme Lock off the River Trent has been cancelled as hole has been discovered in the lock floor.

The event was due to be held on Sunday, but with water leaking through the hole organisers have ruled it is no longer safe to let members of the public inside.

The open day is due to be rescheduled when a solution is found.


Kidderminster canal bridge first in country to get CCTV

Historic canal bridges that are being damaged by hit and run drivers are now being monitored by CCTV. The first camera in the country has gone up near Kidderminster in Worcestershire.

The Canal and River Trust says it needs the footage so it can trace drivers to pay for repairs, which total £1 million a year. David Viner is from the Trust.


CCTV to save our national treasures

Up to £1 million of damage is caused to bridges such as this each year Credit: Canal and River Trust

CCTV is being installed on a canal bridge in Kidderminster in a bid to catch hit-and-run drivers causing damage to bridges across the UK.

The bridges are up to 200-years-old, forming part of British heritage, originally designed for horse and carts Credit: Canal and River Trust
Money to repair the bridges cannot be claimed on insurance from the hit-and-run drivers Credit: Canal and River Trust
This is the first bridge to have CCTV installed in the hope it will be protected from further damage Credit: Canal and River Trust
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