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'I wish I had breast cancer' says pancreatic cancer patient

A 24-year-old girl from Acocks Green, in Birmingham, has featured in a controversial new advertising campaign for Pancreatic Cancer Action, in which she says she wishes she 'had breast cancer' instead.

Kerry Harvey, 24, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April last year Credit: ITV News Central

Kerry Harvey was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in April 2013 and was a stage four patient by the time she was diagnosed.

Unfortunately, this means the disease is incurable and so chemotherapy treatment is purely palliative, meaning it is only designed to keep her alive for as long as possible and will not cure her.

Kerry's controversial message is featured on posters as part of Pancreatic Cancer Active's campaign Credit: ITV News Central

Kerry explained her illness, saying:

"With my chemotherapy, at the moment they are not sure if it is going to work or not. If not then I will have four-to-six months to live, which is the average for a pancreatic cancer patient...

... Obviously, I hope to be in that three-percent of patients that make it to five years, but 50% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are already terminal."

Kerry is feature of the campaign and is quoted on posters, some of which can be seen on the London underground.

To view the video advert for Pancreatic Cancer Active click here.

Insurance companies 'using cancer patients to print money'

The cost of travel insurance is stopping many people with cancer from going on holiday or forcing them to travel without insurance.

Figures released by a specialist cancer insurer show that in the West Midlands more than half of people who have or have had cancer would like to go on holiday.

But most of them say the cost of travel insurance effectively confines them to the UK. Nearly a third also said they were forced to travel without insurance, leaving them open to excessive costs if something went wrong.

The family of a seven-year-old girl with bone cancer, were quoted three and a half thousand pounds for travel insurance for a holiday to Malta.

Three in five Midlands cancer patients forced to holiday in the UK

New research has found that three in five cancer patients in the Midlands stay in the UK for their holiday because of the high cost of travel insurance.

The study also shows that of those who did travel in 2013, over half of patients in the West Midlands and nearly a third of those in the East Midlands, did so without insurance.

Those figures are the highest in the UK, for people travelling without any cover.


More than half of West Midlands cancer patients travel abroad without insurance

Three in five cancer patients say they only go on holidays within the UK due to insurance costs Credit: Jens Wolf/DPA/Press Association Images

More than half of cancer patients in the West Midlands say they are forced to travel without insurance due to what they call high costs.

Research by InsureCancer1 also says three in five (64%) cancer patients in the region say they can only holiday in the UK due to the costs of travel insurance.

Side-effects of cancer treatments could be avoided

New research at Birmingham University suggests children with brain tumours could avoid the side effects of aggressive cancer treatment.

Research at Birmingham University suggests children with brain tumours could avoid the side-effects of aggressive cancer treatments... Credit: Ryan Phillips/EMPICS

In-depth scans which determine the make-up of a tumour could potentially mean some children are spared the more strenuous therapies that can lead to long term disabilities.

From 2006-2008 there were 219 cases of brain tumours in children up to the age of 14.

Girlfriend's plea to save young Birmingham man's life

Ed Fox with his girlfriend Katrien Credit: Press Handout

The girlfriend of a Birmingham man who is seriously ill with a rare form of blood cancer is appealing for potential stem cell donors to come forward.

Ed Fox was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus driven lymphoma and hemophagocytosis last May and has since undergone heavy chemotherapy.

Ed Fox has undergone chemotherapy since May 2013 Credit: Press Handout

Ed moved to Gent, Belgium last year to be with his girlfriend, Katrien, but it was during the months before moving that Ed developed the Epstein-Barr virus, which in only the very rarest of cases causes cancer.

In almost all cases the Epstein-Barr virus results in Glandular Fever, but Ed explained, "However, with me it caused an aggressive form of cancer and on top of that I have a rare complication from which 50 percent of the patients die within a year."

More information can be found on the "Help Ed - Register as a bone marrow donor" Facebook page.

Schoolgirls release tribute song for classmate who died of cancer

Friends of a ten year old girl who died earlier this year say they've come up with a fitting tribute to their class mate.

Rose Whittle lost her fight to cancer in March - her friends are now releasing a single in her memory and they plan to use the proceeds to raise money for the Nottingham Children's Hospital.

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