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Father walks to Downing Street to raise awareness of child abductions by parents, full report

A father who had to fly to Thailand to rescue his son who had been taken without permission by his ex- wife is calling on the government to do more to intervene in cases of abduction.

Sean Felton from Cannock in Staffordshire believes only political pressure can achieve the vital breakthrough for parents seeking to be reunited with their children thousands of miles from home.

Cattery fire update

Pinetrees Cattery in Cannock have confirmed that despite initial reports, no cats escaped when a fire hit last week.

20 cats belonging to customers and 3 belonging to the owners of the Cattery died in the blaze. Two cats survived and are still being treated by their vet.

We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to owners of the 20 cats who lost their lives in this fire. As has been reported we have also lost 3 of our own in the fire with a fourth hanging on at the vets.

The pain and grief resulting from this tragic accident is unimaginable for all effected.

We would like to thank all of the people that have posted words of support and also to those that have offered help, and been up to visit us.

Most owners have now been contacted apart from a couple who are out of communication.

All cats have now been identified and accounted for.

– Lynn Durnall, owner


Father of cattery owner: "I'd like to say how sorry we are"

Patrick Johnson the father of the cattery owner spoke outside the devastated site this afternoon saying "on behalf of my daughter I'd like to say how sorry we are, we all love our animals".

He went on to describe the moment they woke to find the cattery, which was housing around 20 cats, on fire.

Cattery owners "devastated" by blaze

Over 25 firefighters tackled the blaze that devastated the cattery Credit: ITV Central

There were over 20 cats inside the Staffordshire cattery when it caught fire, 4 of which belonged to the cattery owners.

Patrick Johnson the father of the cattery owner said they are all "devastated" he added "on behalf of my daughter who runs the cattery we would like to say how sorry we are, we all love our animals."

The fire broke out at around 5.30am this morning at Pine Trees Cattery in Pottal Pool.

The owners of the cattery are trying to determine how many perished in the fire and how many escaped Credit: ITV Central

It is believed some of the cats managed to escape the wooden building and are now in the Cannock Chase area. Firefighters believe an electrical fault inside the cattery is to blame for the fire.

The owners of the cattery are now working to determine the number of cats that were killed in the fire.

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