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73% in East Midlands fear lack of hospice care

Almost three quarters of people in the East Midlands believe there will not be enough hospice care in the future to support those that need it, a new survey has found.

The study, commissioned by the charity Help the Hospices, found that 73% of people in the region believed there will not be enough care available to support all those that require it.

It also revealed that 16% of people in the region said they were "frightened" there won't be enough hospice care to support them or their loved ones.

Hospices in the area have backed the findings of the survey by Populus, which also showed the public views hospices positively. More than two thirds of people (67%) said they regard them as "a place that offers compassionate care".

Lucy Nickson is chief executive at Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield, she said: "We want Ashgate to be a 'champion of change' for hospice care in Derbyshire, leading the way through partnership and collaborative working with other hospices and health care organisations."

"We, and other hospices in the East Midlands, have a major role to play in tackling the demands of an ageing population and helping to expand end of life care across all settings for our local populations."

"We don't want anyone to be frightened that there won't be the hospice care available for them or their loved ones in the future."

The survey also revealed that only a fifth knew hospice care is available in people's homes, where in fact, the majority of care is provided.