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  1. Emma Jesson

Quiet night. Mixed outlook.

Small Copper butterfly... the colour of the sunset. Credit: Terry Eyre

After a fine evening we expect a clear night, risk of an isolated shallow mist patch, temperatures just into double figures through towns and cities, closer to 8-9c though in more rural spots.

Tomorrow, a slightly chilly start but a repeat performance of today, though slightly warmer. 20-23c, 73f.

It will be dry with sunny spells and light winds, temperatures around or just above average for the time of year.

Weather outlook for the Midlands. Credit: ITV Central

Cloudier on Wednesday with the risk of patchy, light rain at times. Best of the sunny spells will always be through the south Midlands.

Warmer and brighter on Thursday and Friday 24c 75f.

Throughout the Bank Holiday Weekend, the increasing risk of thundery showers but there is still some uncertainty about that at this stage.

Weather outlook for locations across the Midlands. Credit: ITV Central
  1. Emma Jesson

Weather prospects for tonight and tomorrow.

Clouding over in Stoke Golding, Leicestershire. Credit: Graham Rainbow

After a dry day with some brighter spells, cloud begins to thicken this evening from the west ahead of a band of showers. These will be into the West Midlands by 9-10pm and should spread to the East Midlands after midnight. Turning drier later in the night from the west, lows 12-14c.

Sunday's weather. Credit: ITV Central

Sunday starts bright, but with further cloud bubbling up and showers from mid-morning onwards. These will mostly be scattered and light. It will feel cooler though with more of a breeze, tops 20-21c, 70f.

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