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Chatsworth House celebrates the Diamond Jubilee

A right royal tea party for The Queen Credit: ITV Central
Flying the flag at Chatsworth House Credit: ITV Central
A Diamond Jubilee cake Credit: ITV Central
Red, white and blue face paints to celebrate the day Credit: ITV Central

Guests at Chatsworth House today were invited to tea on the lawn.

The 1950s themed celebration allowed guests to watch the Diamond Jubilee proceedings in London on the Big Screen.

Celebrations at Chatsworth House for the Diamond Jubilee

Celebrations at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire Credit: ITV Central

A giant 1950s street party took place at Chatsworth House today, with a 100 metre long decorated table with union jacks, bunting and flags.

The Queen's Ceremonial Day is being broadcast on the big screen and visitors have worn vintage dress to celebrate the event.

100m picnic table at Chatsworth House

Visitors to the Chatsworth estate have joined in the party atmosphere with a 100-metre picnic table, to celebrate the diamond jubilee.

The celebrations have been set up in the Chatsworth House garden as part of its special Coronation exhibition that’s been opened to display the robes that were worn by four generations of the Cavendish family at the Queen's Coronation in 1952.

Celebrations at Chatsworth estate Credit: PA

Hundreds of visitors at Chatsworth House joined in the 1950s-style street party in the garden, which had traditional village fete games and snacks.

The long picnic table was filled with visitors enjoying the special day and the dry, although grey, British weather.

David Jackson, who lives close to the estate, said he and his wife came to the stately home to celebrate the jubilee and "join in the fun with everybody else."


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