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Smiler ride incident: "My son still wants to go on it, but I wouldn't go on it personally now"

Photos of the Smiler Ride incident Credit: Liam Dennett

Liam Dennett, 33, from Cheltenham, was in the queue for the Smiler ride when an announcement was made about a "technical fault".

He posted videos on Facebook showing the people stuck on the rollercoaster.

Mr Dennett said:

The ride's still closed now. We can see it in the distance that it's still closed. I would say between 30 and probably 35/40 minutes that they were stuck for.

My son still wants to go on it, but I wouldn't go on it personally now," he said.

– Liam Dennett
Photos of the Smiler Ride incident Credit: Liam Dennett


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Police: 'Stranger Danger' safety guide for children

Police are urging parents to review 'Stranger Danger' advice with their children after a suspicious incident in Cheltenham, where a young girl was offered sweets by a man in a car.

They've issued the following advice, and you can review all their safety guidelines here:

Strangers come into our lives every day, in shops, in parks and where you live. Usually, they are normal, harmless people, but some may not be and may want to hurt children.

It's not always easy to tell who is a good stranger and who is a bad stranger. Just because someone looks scary, doesn't mean he or she is dangerous. And a nice-looking stranger is not always a good person.

– Gloucestershire Police website

To stay safe:

  • do not go off anywhere with a stranger or get in a car with one
  • do not take things, such as sweets, money or gifts, from a stranger
  • never play near public toilets
  • do not go off on your own; always play with other children and be back home before it gets dark
  • if you are frightened by a stranger, go straight home and tell a parent or carer. If you can't run home, tell a safe stranger. Safe strangers are people you can go to for help if you need it, such as police officers, firefighters, teachers or an adult that you know well
  • remember, most strangers are good. You don't have to worry about strangers if you follow the rules to stay safe


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School crash parent: 'you think it's never going to happen'

A parent whose child was on board the coach which crashed in eastern France has told ITV News of the moment she got the call saying her son was safe.

42 students from the Bournside School in Cheltenham were on the coach. Two are in hospital with serious injuries.

The other students, who are aged between 14 and 18, will return to the UK later tonight. Among them, Mandy's son:

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