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Banksy 'Spybooth' mural defaced in Cheltenham

A Banksy artwork in Cheltenham has been defaced by vandals, shortly after a deal was reached to stop it being sold to an American investor.

The mural, named 'Spybooth', was daubed with silver paint, and locals have since apparently tried to restore it.

Millionaire Hekmat Kaveh, who bought the piece for a reported six-figure sum a few days ago, told South West News Service that he "would much rather get the professionals onto it" and is "confident that it will come off".

Three flood warnings in place for the Midlands

The River Chelt today near the Princess Elizabeth Way junction in Cheltenham Credit: Suzanne Williams / @suzLD

The Environment Agency has issued three flood warnings for the Midlands.

They are:

  • Lyme Brook at Newcastle under Lyme and Trent Vale including Hatrell Street, Brook Lane, Lyme Valley Road and Sports Grounds
  • River Chelt at Springbank, Cheltenham
  • River Chelt at Uckington and Boddington


Soldier blown up 17 TIMES and nicknamed 'Bomb Magnet' awarded Military Cross

Warrant Officer Class 1 Patrick Hyde, 38, has been nicknamed "Bomb Magnet" Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Warrant Officer Class 1 Patrick Hyde from Cheltenham was blown up 17 times in Afghanistan and Iraq, but casually shakes it off as an "occupational hazard".

The soldier, nicknamed the 'Bomb Magnet' for his encounters with IEDs and missiles received the Military Cross today at Buckingham Palace.

"There's no lucky charms, when you operate in Sangin, as I have done, it becomes a bit of an occupational hazard up there. I'm just fortunate enough that I've survived."

He was recognised last July for his bravery when he entered a compound where he feared there were IEDs - to rescue his commanding officer.

"He entered into a compound which had significant battle damage on it and I know the tell-tale signs of where IEDs are planted by insurgents and I wanted him out of there and the only way I could get him out of there was to go in and get him."

On his rescue mission an Afghan soldier stepped on an IED right in front of him - losing a leg. Warrant Officer Hyde arranged for troops to be rescued while lying injured on the ground.

He jokes,

"My family don't want me to go back"

Reports: new artwork on site of Cheltenham Banksy

A picture has been Tweeted of new artwork on hoardings surrounding a Banksy artwork in Cheltenham.

Hoardings are currently covering the 'Spy Booth' which is currently at the centre of controversy.

Locals are trying to raise money to keep the artwork in the town, but it appears to have been sold to a foreign buyer.

Work to remove it from the side of a Grade II listed building is currently on hold.


  1. West Country (E)

Bus hit bridge in rush hour

the roof of the bus was sheared off completely. Credit: ITV News West Country

The double decker hit the bus on Hyde Lane at around 7am this morning. The bus driver was said to be "shaken" but not injured. There were no passengers on board.

Luckily there were no passengers on board. Credit: ITV News West Country
Clearing up after the accident. Credit: ITV News West Country
Marks on the bridge show where the roof hit it. Credit: ITV News West Country
The bus roof was completely sheared off. Credit: ITV News West Country
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