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Leicester's Sam Bailey visits children in hospital

With only two sleeps to go until Christmas celebrities have been dropping in to see children in hospital.

Leicester's Sam Bailey has been among those paying a visit to youngsters at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

She spent time chatting to patients and parents, and praised the staff for the work they do.



A third of West Midlanders given unwanted presents

A third of people in the West Midlands receive unwanted Christmas presents, according to research from Triodos Bank.

Younger people were found to get the more expensive unwanted gifts Credit: PA

The study found 32% get at least one, with 7% saying at least two, and 3% of people said they get three or more.

The average cost of these unwanted gifts per person is £220, with 13% of those who said they were given an unwanted gift saying the value of it was more than £750!

West Midlands shuns Christmas traditions, says survey

These meals are becoming increasingly rare in the West Midlands Credit: PA

Many of the oldest Christmas traditions are falling by the wayside in the West Midlands according to a survey.

The Salvation Army says nearly half of people in the region will not eat a turkey for Christmas dinner.

These animals will be pleased to know they are becoming a less desirable centrepiece of the traditional Christmas meal Credit: PA

The survey also found:

  • 60% of residents in Coventry say they will not go to mass or church services over the festive period.
  • One in five people in Birmingham and the West Midlands feel Nativity Plays are falling out of fashion
  • 27% of people in Coventry believe sending Christmas cards is a disappearing tradition
  • More than a third of people believe Christmas is becoming too commercial

The Salvation Army says people in the region are spending most of their time shopping and wrapping presents as it provides the most Christmas wellbeing (according to 52% of people in Birmingham).

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