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Christmas dinner...for hundreds of sea creatures!

An otter plays with a Christmas cracker Credit: Sea Life

As most people are at home eating their Christmas dinner, hundreds of sea creatures will also be eating theirs.

The centre's turtle will be eating sprouts for Christmas Credit: Sea Life

It will take several hours to prepare all the food at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham and it is James Robson's job to feed everyone.

Two otters playing with a cracker Credit: Sea Life

He says most of the residents will be having fish for dinner but one turtle will be properly joining in Christmas by eating Brussels Sprouts.


Policeman saves Tipton child's life

Zoe, Amelia and PC Carl Scott Credit: West Midlands Police

A mother from Tipton is spending Christmas with her daughter after a police officer saved the child’s life.

Zoe Earnshaw called the police on Thursday 5 December after her baby girl Amelia stopped breathing and started to turn blue.

PC Carl Scott arrived with a colleague and gave Amelia emergency first aid. After chest compressions and one breath of air she began to come round.

After spending five days in hospital she was sent home in time for Christmas.

Last day of Birmingham Christmas Market today

Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market comes to an end today. The 190 stalls have been selling gifts, treats, food and drink since the 14th November, but after today, the sellers will be packing up and returning to Germany.

Thousands of people have come to the city to visit over the last six weeks, helping the city to become the fastest growing tourist destination over Christmas and New Year.

This timelapse video shows Birmingham's market, along with the giant wheel and ice rink, next to the new library, which was today announced as building of the year.

Video credit: Theo Gove-Humphries


Nottingham chefs unveil king-sized Christmas cake

A team of chefs in Nottingham believe they have created the UK's biggest and heaviest Christmas cake.

The ten chef's believe the cake to be the biggest and heaviest in the UK...

The ten chefs, from Nottingham's Red Hot World Buffet, say the cake - measuring 18ft by 9ft and weighing 700kg - took over three weeks to complete.

The cake is decorated to resemble a winter wonderland...

1,400 eggs, 30 kilograms of raisins and 180 kilograms of chocolate and butter were use to make the festive desert. which is finished off with two-feet-high edible decorations.

Christmas engineering work announced

Over the Christmas period there will be engineering work between Retford and Lincoln and between Gainsborough Lea Road and Lincoln. It will mean buses will replace trains between Doncaster/Retford and Lincoln from December 21 to January 5.

There will also be engineering work from December 28 to 30 meaning East Midlands Trains passengers will have to take buses instead of trains between Spalding and Sleaford in Lincolnshire.

Leicestershire youngsters receive Christmas meals

Leicestershire school meals service has served up the first of their Christmas dinners today to 220 schools.

The numbers of those signing up for school meals has increased by 32% since the council took control of the service four years ago.

Some of the food served up Credit: ITV News Central

The dinners include all the festive trimmings and more, ranging from roast turkey breast and pork chipolatas, to yuletide brownie with litres of Vanilla sauce.

Youngsters enjoy Christmas food Credit: ITV News Central

The sheer quantities needed, reaching almost 40,000 in total, means cooking the meal will be no light affair. The total ingredients list includes:

· 2,660 kg roast turkey breast

· 2,431 kg pork chipolatas

· 476 kg bacon

· 422 kg savoury stuffing

· 5,822 kg potatoes

· 1,509 kg peas

· 1,509 kg carrots

· 674 kg brussel sprouts

· 3,807 litres vanilla sauce

· 21,122 portions of plum pudding

· 10,561 portions of yuletide brownie

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