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Tourist attractions feel the effects of the big freeze

The snow and ice may have melted but the impact of the arctic conditions are still being felt.

Some of the biggest tourist attractions in the Midlands were forced to close as the big freeze set in.

One says it has lost £750,000 and has seen a fifty per cent fall in visitor numbers compared to the same time last year. Deborah Hadfield reports.

Why a game of conkers is hard to play this year

A game of conkers could be considerably more difficult to play with fewer of them around this year Credit: PA

Traditional conker hunts may be tougher than expected this autumn with Warwickshire in the grip of a conker shortage.

The cold wet spring meant that insects which pollinate the horse chestnut trees were not around and the flowers were lost due to heavy rain.

The game of conkers can be traced back as early as 1821, the traditional children's game is played in Britain and Ireland.

Each year at the beginning of October the World Conker Championships are held on a village green near to Northampton.

The winners are named king or queen of the conkers.