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Victoria Centre reopened after bomb scare evacuation

The Victoria Centre in Nottingham has reopened four hours after a suspect package was found inside. Shoppers and retailers were evacuated and surrounding roads closed

It is the second time in five months that the centre has been evacuated due to a security alert.


Emergency crews see increase in dishwasher fires

File picture: Dishwasher Credit: PA

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is warning people not to leave dishwashers switched on after a spate of fires involving the appliances.

Risk Reduction Manager, Glynn Luznyj said: "We advise people to ensure they remain in the home when dishwashers or other electrical appliances are switched on.

"We also recommend that people do not put such appliances on before they go to bed as if a fire happens during the night it may go undetected and could result in very serious consequences."

In March, ITV News reported that 479,000 potentially dangerous dishwashers remain in homes.

That is despite a recall from BOSCH, who took a number of their dishwasher models off the shelves ollowing a potential overheating issue in the control panel.

Top tips for last minute Christmas shopping

Leicester High Cross Shopping Centre

If you're rushing round the shops today getting your last minute Christmas presents, don't forget a few simple things to make life easier, if the gifts don't turn out as planned.

Here are some tips from Trading Standards

  • Keep your receipt

  • Check the shop's policy on 'unwanted gifts' before paying

  • Return faulty goods as soon as possible

  • Contact the retailer rather than the manufacturer as your first step, as it is the seller who is ultimately responsible for faulty goods