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Corby food company wants to minimise redundancies

The Solway Foods factory in Corby Credit: ITV News Central

A food company in Northamptonshire says it wants to minimise the number of compulsory redundancies after it announced the closure of its food processing plant.

Solways Foods in Corby announced that 900 jobs could be lost, but the firm says it will redeploy people where possible.

It is closing the site by the late summer because it says it is no longer viable.


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Solway Foods confirms closure of Corby factory with the loss of 900 jobs

Solway Foods in Corby is to close with the lost of 900 jobs Credit: ITV Anglia

A food processing plant in Corby is to close in the summer with the loss of 900 jobs.

Although 500 job losses had already been threatened at Solway Foods, discussions had been continuing to try to save the factory.

Solway Foods is the town's second largest employer, but the company says the factory, which opened in 1988, is no longer viable.

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Talks being held over the future of Corby factory

Bosses at a food processing factory in Corby, where more than 900 jobs are under threat, are holding talks about the future of the site.

Solway Foods says closing the factory is a very real possibility as it is no longer viable.

The company has entered into a 45 day consultation with staff, but the Borough Council and MP Andy Sawford have set up a task force to try to save the site.

Click above to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Olivia Paterson.

900 jobs put at risk in Corby

Solway Foods have announced that their future in Corby is at risk, putting 900 jobs in doubt.

MP for Corby, Andy Sawford, says he has arranged 'urgent' talks with Solway Chief Executive, Vipal Patel.

I have spoken with representatives of Solway Foods today. My thoughts are with the 900 strong workforce who will now all be very worried about the future of their jobs. This news comes as a shock. Solway operate in a very competitive market, they have recently lost some customers and they tell me the Corby site is ageing. Solway have told me that they will consider all possibilities, including options for staying in Corby, and I have offered to help in anyway I can.


Police ask for help to track down killer of Corby man

David Ross

Detectives investigating the murder of Corby businessman David 'Les' Ross believe his death a year ago is linked to his involvement with the Rubix nightclub in the town.

Police will be in The Jamb area today to mark the first anniversary of his murder and they will be asking for help from the public to track down his killer.

Officers will be manning a large media van, which will broadcast information about the businessman's murder and footage from the hours leading up to the discovery of Mr Ross's body in the Village Inn Express hotel.

Spa offers 'snail facials'

The snails are encouraged to 'slither' over the customer's face Credit: ITV News Central

A spa in Corby in Northamptonshire is offering what it calls a "snail facial", where live snails are put on your face and encouraged to slither around.

It is thought their slime could be the new "Botox" because the mucus contains proteins and oxidants.

Diane Gower, boss at the spa, insists it is not a gimmick:

"We've been trialling it for the last few weeks, we're working with the London Dermatology Centre.

"Garden snails do have parasites so very serious health warning, please do not copy and put garden snails on your face.

"I've got nearly 70 snails, they're nurtured and organically fed, no cross-contamination, when we're working with one client, they're not put on another one."

Video: Inquest into death of soldier killed trying to protect comrades

An inquest has ruled a soldier from Corby who died while trying to protect his men from an enemy sniper was killed unlawfully. Lance Corporal James Ashworth died while in active service in Afghanistan last year.

The 23 year old was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery, which his family collected on his behalf earlier this year. Today, he was praised by his commanding officer for his "remarkable gallantry and selfless commitment". Russell Hookey reports.

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