Food company confirms 900 job losses

Solway Foods has confirmed that it is to close its food processing plant in Corby, Northamptonshire with the loss of 930 jobs.

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Spa offers 'snail facials'

The snails are encouraged to 'slither' over the customer's face Credit: ITV News Central

A spa in Corby in Northamptonshire is offering what it calls a "snail facial", where live snails are put on your face and encouraged to slither around.

It is thought their slime could be the new "Botox" because the mucus contains proteins and oxidants.

Diane Gower, boss at the spa, insists it is not a gimmick:

"We've been trialling it for the last few weeks, we're working with the London Dermatology Centre.

"Garden snails do have parasites so very serious health warning, please do not copy and put garden snails on your face.

"I've got nearly 70 snails, they're nurtured and organically fed, no cross-contamination, when we're working with one client, they're not put on another one."


Video: Inquest into death of soldier killed trying to protect comrades

An inquest has ruled a soldier from Corby who died while trying to protect his men from an enemy sniper was killed unlawfully. Lance Corporal James Ashworth died while in active service in Afghanistan last year.

The 23 year old was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery, which his family collected on his behalf earlier this year. Today, he was praised by his commanding officer for his "remarkable gallantry and selfless commitment". Russell Hookey reports.


Names of Corby by-election candidates announced

The list of candidates in the running for the Corby by-election seat has been released.

Fourteen candidates will be considered, following the resignation of Louise Mensch in August.

The names of the candidates:

  • Andy Sawford, Labour
  • Christine Emmett, Conservative
  • Jill Hope, Liberal Democrats
  • Jonathan Terence Hornett, Green Party
  • Margot Parker, UK Independence Party
  • Gordon Riddell, British National Party
  • Ian Francis Gillman, Independent
  • David Laurence Bishop, Elvis Loves Pets Party
  • Dr Rohen Kapur, Young People's Party UK
  • Adam Ismael Lotun, Democracy 2015
  • Mr Mozzarella, Independent
  • Peter John Reynolds, Cannabis Law Reform
  • Chris Scotton, United People's Party
  • David Wickham, The English Democrats - "Putting England First!"

£36 million campus opens in Corby today

The new campus at Tresham College of Further and Higher Education Credit: ITV Central

A £36 million pound campus in Corby will officially open today. The new campus at Tresham College of Further and Higher Education has replaced a number of existing college sites around the town.

The new facilities are replacing a number of colleges in surrounding areas Credit: ITV Central
The new £36 million pound campus is due to officially open today Credit: ITV Central
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