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IN PICTURES: Fallen trees cause road closures

Coventry's Tollbar Island has worst roadworks in Britain

Coventry's Tollbar Island is the worst roadworks blackspot in Britain, according to a study.

Traffic information provider, Inrix, revealed motorists are spending around 30 minutes of every journey stuck in rush-hour traffic, making the ongoing improvements to the A45/A46 junction the most disruptive roadworks in the country.

Coventry's Tollbar Island Credit: Coventry Telegraph

Some motorists working near Siskin Drive have previously claimed jams have added up to two hours to their journey times, with motorists crawling along at an average speed of ten miles per hour.

The queues are set to continue, as the £106 million development is only 14 months into its three-and-a-half year programme.


11-year-old boy suffers head injury in hit-and-run in Coventry

An appeal has been launched by police in Coventry after a hit-and-run which left an 11-year-old boy with a head injury.

Police appeal for witnesses after young boy involved in hit-and-run Credit: ITV News Central

It happened last night in Cheveral Avenue, Radford at around 7pm.

The young boy was taken to hospital after the car left the scene without stopping and drove off towards the city centre.

Police are on a hunt to find the driver and are appealing to witnesses to come forward.

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Heartbreak for Crutchlow at Australian MotoGP

Coventry's Cal Crutchlow suffered a devastating blow at yesterday's Australian MotoGP as the British rider crashed out of second position on the final lap of the race.

Coventry's Cal Crutchlow onboard his Ducati MotoGP bike Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

It is suspected a falling track temperature could be to blame for the crash which happened with just a few corners until the chequered flag.

Other riders crashed out of the race, including World Champion Marc Marquez, who was leading the pack.

The crash meant Britain's Bradley Smith got his first podium in the elite class of motorcycle racing.

Leicester charity sending supplies to Sierra Leone to help tackle Ebola

Leicester charity Inter Care is sending emergency aid to help tackle the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

Inter Care sends emergency aid to Sierra Leone Credit: ITV News Central

The charity, which recycles and donates medicines from the UK to health units in sub-Saharan Africa, has teamed up with Pal International Ltd to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Lutterworth-based Pal International, a market leader in infection prevention, has donated High Level Disinfectant wipes, and disposable gloves and aprons to West Africa.

The emergency supplies were donated by Pal International to help prevent the spread of the virus Credit: ITV News Central

A shipment of 60 boxes of wipes, 600 boxes of gloves and 600 boxes of aprons was sent by Inter Care to two health units in Sierra Leone, one of the worst affected countries.

Around 4,500 people have died from Ebola - most of them in West Africa.


101 year-old Coventry grandmother thanks Rice Krispies for long life

Mary Tucker has had more than 30,000 bowls of cereal in her lifetime Credit: BPM Media

A grandmother from Coventry has been celebrating her 101st birthday and says the secret to her long life is all down to a bowl of cereal.

Mary Tucker has enjoyed more than 30,000 bowls of Rice Krispies in her lifetime and believes her youthful looks are all down to the cereal.

Mary celebrated her 101st birthday with family and residents at Norton Grange Care Home, in Crabmill Lane, yesterday.

She received a telegram from the Queen and 101 boxes of her favourite cereal.

Mary celebrated her 101st birthday with family and residents at Norton Grange Care Home Credit: BPM Media
Mary also received a telegram from the Queen Credit: BPM Media

Others who have passed the milestone century mark have claimed the secret to longevity is whisky, cigars or even a fry up, but Mary believes she may have found the answer in the form of children's cereal.

She’s not sure how she’s going to get through 101 boxes on her own but luckily her friends and fellow residents here have offered to give her a helping hand.

– Daisy Chattha, activities co-ordinator at Norton Grange

Coventry shopping centre to become restaurant and bar quarter

The first set of restaurants and bars are expected to be ready for Christmas 2015 Credit: Shearer Property Group

Coventry's Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre has been sold for £5.5m to become a restaurant and bar quarter.

London-based Shearer Property Group says some restaurants and bars should be operating by Christmas 2015.

Coventry is a great city which has recently under-performed in developing its retail and restaurant offer, and our scheme will give it a major boost and start to put the city where it should be.

– Guy Shearer, Shearer Property Group

Nurse who aided man's suicide jailed by US court

A former American nurse who used internet chat rooms to encourage people to commit suicide, including a man from Coventry, has been jailed for 178 days.

Mark Drybrough was 32 when he hanged himself in 2005.

Mark Drybrough hanged himself in 2005 Credit: ITV News Central

He had been chatting to William Melchert-Dinkel, who pretended to be a female nurse and offered step by step instructions on how to commit suicide.

Melchert-Dinkel was convicted last month of assisting in his suicide, and attempting to assist in the suicide of a Canadian woman.

William Melchert-Dinkel had pretended to be a female nurse in their conversations Credit: ITV News Central

He was sentenced to five years in prison at a court in Minnesota today, but will not serve the full amount if he complies with his probation conditions.

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