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‘British da Vinci’ exhibition to launch

Frederick Lanchester was behind the creation of the first all-British motor-car Credit: Coventry University

Coventry University is encouraging people to 'discover the genius' of the ‘British da Vinci’ for the first time, with an interactive reality archive.

Praised as the Leonardo da Vinci of his time, 19th century engineer Frederick Lanchester was behind the creation of the first all-British motor-car and theorised the principles of flight a decade before the first plane took off.

He set up the Lanchester Motor Company with his brothers Frank and George, and went on to develop theories behind power steering, turbo charged engines, disc brakes, stream-lining, and built the first petrol-electric hybrid car.

The exhibition space Credit: Coventry University

The exhibition will be official opened by the project team at Coventry University and members of the Lanchester family on Wednesday April 26.

Cathryn Thompson-Goodwin, Project Manager, said:

Frederick Lanchester had a brilliant mind. He theorised flight before the Wright brothers got their first plane off the ground and patented technology that we still use in our cars today.

– Cathryn Thompson-Goodwin

The archive space is now open to the public at Coventry University’s Lanchester Library on Gosford Street.

Cathedral to host mass photo as part of Culture bid

Coventry Cathedral Credit: PA

People in Coventry are being asked to turn up at the Cathedral at 4.30 this afternoon to the appear in a mass photo, as part of a bid to make Coventry the next UK City of Culture.

Organisers say they want to fill the site with people to show the breadth of local support for the bid, as well as highlighting the "vibrancy and diversity" of the city.

The City Council plans to submit the bid to the Department of Culture Media and Sport on Friday.


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