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Cyclists pushed off their bikes in Leicestershire, full report

Two cyclists are warning other bike users to be on their guard after they were pushed while cycling by a passenger in a car that sped off moments later.

There have been three such attacks in Leicestershire this month.

Colin Haynes and Martin Webster, who were both injured, say they could have been killed and it is important that the driver and his accomplice are caught before anyone loses their life.

Rajiv Popat reports.

Cyclist treated for broken collar bone

One of three cyclists who were pushed from their bikes in a series of similar incidents in Leicestershire, has been treated for a broken collar bone.

The man was the third to be approached as he rode his bike on Saturday 6th July on Stanton Lane in Croft.

An "old style silver BMW" crossed in front of the cyclist and braked sharply causing the cyclist to fall from his bike.

In two other similar incidents in Earl Shilton and Broughton Astley, victims described a "old, silver" car approaching them and the front seat passenger leaning out to push them over.

The two other cyclists were treated for minor injuries.


Three cyclists pushed off bikes

Cyclist riding on designated cycle route Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Police are investigating after three cyclists were pushed from their bikes in Leicestershire.

The incidents all happened within the space of a week, within a ten mile radius, in Earl Shilton, Croft and Broughton Astley.

Police think the events are all linked because each of the victims described a "silver" vehicle being involved.

What is balance bike racing?

A four-year-old Leicestershire boy is gearing up to take part in the Balance Bike National championships in Manchester.

Thomas Ayers, who lives in Broughton Astley, will compete in his age group in September.

What is balance bike racing?

Balance bikes were first designed to introduce children to biking without stabilisers. The bikes, which have no pedels, are powered by children running. The framework is made of plastic and with no pedals or brakes, the bikes are free from greasy chains.

Children can start using balance bikes from the age of two.

Four-year-old balance bike rider on track for national competition

Thomas Ayers racing around the dirt track in Leicestershire Credit: ITV News Central

A four-year-old boy from Leicestershire is hoping to be crowned a national champion in balance bike riding.

Thomas Ayers, who lives in Broughton Astley, is in serious training to try and clinch the title as the best rider for his age group at the British Championships in Manchester in September.

His mother, Kim Brown, says he's a 'speed junkie with no fear!'

Cyclist wears head cam to catch bad driving and puts it online

Cities across the Midlands are trying to encourage more people to leave their car at home and get on a bike. But motorists and cyclists do not always see eye to eye and confrontations are not uncommon.

Rajiv Popat has been speaking to one man who wears a camera on his cycling helmet to record bad driving and then puts the footage online. He says he does it to improve driving standards.

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