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One in three cystic fibrosis sufferers die waiting for a transplant

A charity is warning that cystic fibrosis sufferers could die before they receive a lung transplant which could save their lives.

The genetic diseases causes the lungs and digestive system to clog up with mucus and for some, their only option of survival is to have a transplant.

But statistics revealed today show that one in three die waiting.

Mark Westworth from Erdington, north Birmingham, is waiting for a transplant and says without one, he'll die.


Her own hair salon at just 21: the businesswoman determined to succeed

Setting up your own business in the current economic climate is never going to be easy, but one enterprising 21-year-old, has more obstacles than most to overcome.

Becki Stone from Leicestershire has Cystic Fibrosis. She has to take between 30 and 40 tablets a day and have regular physio to keep her lungs clear. But with a great deal of determination she's just fulfilled her lifelong ambition and opened her own hairdressing salon. Jane Hesketh reports.


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