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Latest technology in dairy farming showcased at NEC

More than 460 exhibitors will be at the NEC Livestock Event today, showcasing the latest developments in technology for the dairy farming industry. Products which will be on display include:

  • Robotic milking machines
  • Computerised calf feeders
  • Milk pregnancy test kits
  • Computerised neck collars to detect cow fertility
  • A mini robotic forage sweeper
  • Hi-tech milk storage tanks that the farmer controls by text
  • The latest in hi-tech formulated diets for cows


Farmers discuss Midlands influence on livestock sector

The UK's biggest livestock event will take place at the NEC today, attracting thousands of farmers from across the country.

Six different breeds of cows will compete in one of the UK's largest competitive dairy shows Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Farmers will discuss the region's influence on the livestock sector and meet with industry retailers and suppliers.

One of the UK's largest competitive dairy shows will take place, with 180 cows taking place, including six different breeds.

Largest dairy show in the UK arrives at the NEC

Credit: PA

Around 16,000 farmers are expected to arrive at the NEC today, when the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers stages its biggest dairy show yet.

Some of the latest industry innovations will be at the show, including robotic milking machines, milk pregnancy test kits, computerised neck collars to detect cows' fertility and 'text messaging' feeding machines.


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New agreement between dairy farmers and milk processors

Farmers and the milk processors agreed a voluntary deal which will mean contracts between them will be fairer and more transparent.

The agreement was made just hours after a huge protest outside a yoghurt plant where more than a thousand people,and their tractors, managed to stop some vehicles getting into the factory.

The farmers were angry that they get paid less than it costs to produce their milk.