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Report into why nobody helped Daniel Pelka released

A report examining the reasons for a series of failings which led to the death of Coventry youngster Daniel Pelka has said child protection workers were forced to juggle "too many competing priorities".

Four-year-old Daniel died in March 2012 after a campaign of abuse by his parents, who starved, tortured and eventually murdered him.

Daniel Pelka died after being starved and beaten by his mother and her partner Credit: West Midlands Police

A series of errors was identified where police, teachers and social care workers failed to spot what was going on - and the Deeper Analysis and Progress Report, by the Coventry Safeguarding Children Board, was requested by government minister Edward Timson last year.

He asked the board to investigate why information was not effectively recorded, why information was not shared, and why four separate assessments by social care workers failed to identify the risks to Daniel.

It claims that Daniel's case was "extreme and outside the experience of most professionals" and identifies a number of failings - including overworked child protection staff, poor leadership at Daniel's school, and poor communication between different agencies.


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Pelka's headteacher was suspended last week

The former headteacher of Daniel Pelka's school was suspended from his new job last week, ITV News' Sejal Karia reports.

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Timeline of events leading up to Pelka's death

Murdered toddler Daniel Pelka came in contact with a number of professionals who either noticed or treated him for injuries, or saw changes in his weight before his death in March 2012.

The Serious Case Review found there were a number of opportunities to protect Daniel that were missed.

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Daniel Pelka's headteacher suspended

The former headteacher of the school toddler Daniel Pelka attended has been suspended from his new job.

Daniel Pelka, four, was beaten and starved to death. Credit: West Midlands Police

Darren Clews was the head of Little Heath Primary School when the four-year-old was tortured and murdered by his mother and step-father.

Mr Clews has since left Little Heath and has been suspended from his current school Grangehurst Primary and disciplinary proceedings are underway.

His mother Magdelena Luczak and her partner Mariusz Krezolek were both jailed for a minimum of 30 years.


Protesters voice anger over Daniel Pelka death

Dozens of people have gathered outside Coventry council house for a peaceful protest demanding answers over the death of Daniel Pelka.

A serious case review into his death found numerous failings by authorities - but campaigners say they need to know how he was allowed to slip through the net.

Protesters have gathered with banners outside Coventry council house Credit: ITV News Central

Council leader calls for 'national debate' on child abuse

The leader of Coventry City Council has called for a national debate on how to stop child abuse in the wake of Daniel Pelka's death.

Councillor Ann Lucas told ITV News Central she believes a government select committee should examine ways of preventing future similar tragedies.

Daniel Pelka died after being starved and beaten by his mother, Magdalena Luczak (left), and step-father Mariusz Krezolek Credit: West Midlands Police

Four-year-old Daniel was beaten and starved by his mother, Magdalena Luczak, and step-father Mariusz Krezolek, who are both serving prison sentences for his murder.

A serious case review found authorities had missed numerous opportunities to intervene in the abuse.

The comments from Councillor Lucas come as a peaceful protest is due to be held outside the council house this afternoon to demand answers over how he was allowed to slip through the net.

Protesters demand answers over Daniel Pelka's death

A peaceful protest will be held opposite Coventry council house today to demand answers over how tragic four-year-old Daniel Pelka was allowed to slip through the system.

Campaigners say a serious case review published last month failed to fully explain why authorities failed to protect him.

Daniel Pelka died after being starved and beaten by his mother and her partner Credit: West Midlands Police

The protest coincides with a campaign calling for the government to introduce 'Daniel's law', which would make reporting of child abuse mandatory.

Daniel's mother Magdalena Luczak and step-father Mariusz Krezolek are both serving life sentences after being found guilty of his murder.

Child protection leader defends organisations involved in Daniel Pelka case

The councillor in charge of child protection in Coventry at the time of Daniel Pelka's death has defended the activity of the organisations involved, that failed to protect the four-year-old.

Jim O'Boyle wrote in his blog that things could have been "done better", but that "humans do make mistakes".

He wrote:

Let me be clear. Things can always be done better. Lessons can always be learnt. As a local authority, over the near six years that various agencies, including the Council, dealt with Daniel’s family, there are elements where if someone could do a job again they would do it better next time.

There are also things such as record sharing between organisations which might have helped, though it is worth saying this would potentially have meant breaching data protection legislation. Take a look at that guidance if you don’t believe me. Try asking your own GP for your records and the chances are he will charge you!

Professionals probably were too optimistic in believing the explanations of mum yet she must have been pretty convincing considering how the police, health visitors, doctors, paediatricians, social workers and teachers all accepted the benefit of the doubt.

Never forget though, humans do make mistakes and we must understand that too. A central finding of the Serious Case Review was that ‘Daniel’s death could not have been predicted.'

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