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"No greater punishment than loss of my precious granddaughter" says gran jailed over baby death

Susan Arcott who was jailed today after a dog attack that killed her six month old granddaughter Credit: Press Association

A grandmother jailed following the death of her granddaughter who died after a dog attack in 2014 has issued a statement on the tragedy

Along with Claire Riley the mother of six-month old Molly-Mae Wotherspoon Susan Aucott, was today given a two year jail sentence.

Before sentencing Aucott said

Whatever the sentence of the Court today, there can be no greater punishment than the loss of my precious, beautiful granddaughter and watching, and experiencing first hand, the deep impact her loss has had on my daughter and all of our family.

There is no doubt in my mind that things could and should have been done differently and lessons have been learnt the hard way. But it is important for the memory of Molly-Mae that these lessons do not stop here. These lessons need to be learned far and wide. Every parent, every dog owner needs to take notice.

Please do not let Molly-Mae’s death be in vain. Her death cannot be undone but let her beautiful face and her memory live on by serving as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that could be suffered if these lessons are not learned now.

– Susan Arcott
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Death of baby mauled by dangerous dog described as 'entirely avoidable tragedy'

Claire Riley who has been jailed for two years after her baby daughter was killed by a dangerous dog Credit: ITV News

The Crown Prosecution Service have described the death of a baby mauled to death by a dog as a tragedy for all concerned.

Mollie May Weatherspoon died after the attack in Daventry in 2014. Today her mother Claire Riley and her grandmother Susan Arcott was jailed for two years for keeping a dangerously out of control dog.

James Allen, Head of the Complex Casework Unit for the CPS East Midlands said:

“Molly Mae’s death was a tragedy for all concerned. Sadly, the simple truth is that her death in October 2014 was entirely avoidable.

Molly Mae’s death would not have happened if two of the people closest to her had acted, as any reasonable person would have done, and never allowed such an aggressive and dangerous dog to be in the same small house as a young and vulnerable child.

Any type of dog that is dangerously out of control, whether a breed of dog banned under the Dangerous Dogs legislation or not, can cause injury. The larger and more powerful the breed of dog, the more serious those injuries can be.

As this case tragically illustrates, young and vulnerable children can be killed by dogs regarded as family pets. The onus is on owners and people responsible for dogs to ensure that dogs are kept under contro

– James Allen, CPS


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Mum pleads guilty to owning dangerous dog

Claire Riley hid her face as she arrived at Northampton Crown Court with two men Credit: ITV Anglia

A mum whose six-month-old daughter was mauled to death has pleaded guilty to owning a dog dangerously out of control.

Claire Riley 23, of Merrydale Square, Northampton admitted the charge at Northampton Crown Court.

Her daughter Molly-Mae died on 3 October 2014 following the attack at her mother's former home in Morning Star Road, Daventry.

She suffered severe blood loss from head wounds.

The dog, a pit bull called Bruiser, was put down at the scene.

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