Party conference begins

Thousands of delegates have arrived in Birmingham for the annual Tory party conference.

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David Cameron in Midlands today

Politics will resume today following the death of Margaret Thatcher as the Prime Minister visits the Midlands as he resumes his local election campaign.

It has been confirmed there will be no Prime Minister's Questions next Wednesday because of Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

David Cameron makes a statement outside 10 Downing Street, after Baroness Thatcher died at the age of 87 Credit: Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment/PA

Loughborough students describe PM's award as "indescribable"

Following the achievement of Loughborough Students' Action Group becoming the latest winners of David Cameron's Big Society Award, the Chair of the group has spoken of the action's joy.

Winning this Big Society Award is indescribable - it's something I've always believed in and I believe that Action embodies. There's a hundred and one reasons why people volunteer but at the end of the day, we like to think that our volunteers do it because they genuinely care.

– Billy Marsh, Chair of Loughborough Students' Action Group

Last year, the group recruited over 2,300 volunteers equating to 19,000 hours of time and £120,000 at minimum wage.

The Award was created to recognise and celebrate individuals, groups or organisations doing exceptional work in their community.


Loughborough students win PM's Big Society Award

Students from Loughborough have become the latest winners of David Cameron's Big Society Award.

Loughborough Students' Action Group, which was set up in 1997, helps to inspire and harness the volunteering power of students across Loughborough. Last year they helped over 2,000 students to give something back to the local community.

In the last year the group have made a number of achievements:

  • Recruited 2,303 volunteers equating to 19,000 hours of time and £120,000 at minimum wage.
  • Raised over £70,000.
  • Overseen over 40 regular projects and 130 one-off projects

For more information about the Big Society Award, click here.


NHS flaws 'led to scandal' at Stafford Hospital

Incentives which mean it is better for NHS managers to allow standards of care at hospitals to fall rather than admit they are failing led to the scandal at Stafford Hospital, a health service expert has said.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Roger Taylor, co-founder of the health information service Dr Foster, said every incentive in the NHS system pushes NHS chief executives to "cut costs" and "cross (their) fingers".

A report into the scandal at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust between 2005 and 2009 will be published tomorrow. Credit: Mid Staffs NHS

"As an NHS chief executive in that situation, you could simply overspend and breach your targets - and quite likely lose your job.

"You could try to argue to reorganise services but you are likely to face considerable opposition from both clinicians and the public.

"Or you can just cut costs, cross your fingers and hope that no one notices if the standards of care deteriorate."

His warning comes ahead of tomorrow's publication of a report into the scandal at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust between 2005 and 2009, during which up to 1,200 extra deaths may have occurred.

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Conservative MP: 'Cameron's marriage plans stink'

Conservative MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson has taken to Twitter to criticise the Prime Minister's plans to support gay marriage but to delay a tax break for married couples:


I wonder who's advising Cameron at the moment? His political strategy - no to marriage tax breaks and yes to gay marriage - stinks.

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