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800 jobs saved at Daw Mill colliery in Coventry

Britain's biggest coal producer has reshuffled its business and has safeguarded 2,500 jobs nationally, 800 are in Coventry.

"The restructuring has helped to safeguard 2,500 highly skilled and well-paid jobs, a skilled supply chain, and created a funding plan for the £450 million pension deficit that UK Coal has been burdened with."

– Jonson Cox, Chairman

Coalfield Resources, formerly UK Coal, has split into two businesses. A mining arm called Mine Holdings and property division Harworth Estates.

The group previously warned that Daw Mill, in Coventry, could close by 2014. It also has a deep mine in Thoresby in Nottinghamshire.

"This has been a restructuring of unprecedented scale and complexity for this size of company. I'm delighted that we've succeeded in completing it. Without it, it was almost certain that the coal mines would have been unable to trade beyond the first quarter of 2013."

– Jonson Cox, Chairman

Coal production jobs in Coventry safeguarded

The reshuffle of Britain's biggest coal producer has safeguarded 2,500 jobs across the UK.

UK Coal has split its operations into two businesses after the company, which generates around 5% of Britain's electricity requirements, slumped to a loss in the first half of the year as production at Daw Mill mine near Coventry plunged.

The new reshuffle is said to have safeguarded jobs at the Coventry-based mine.


200 people expected to lose their jobs at Daw Mill Colliery

Daw Mill Colliery job losses Credit: ITV Central

Hundreds are expected to lose their jobs at the Daw Mill Colliery in Warwickshire.

UK Coal, who run the mine, want to reduce the workforce from 500 to 700 as part of restructuring plans.

Last month the firm said it was becoming too expensive to extract coal at the site. Unions say they'll fight any compulsory redundancies.

MP comments on possible colliery closure

"Unfortunately for a number of years they have not done the development work at Daw Mill the way they have should and therefore it has left them in the position where they are carrying a large workforce that's very expensive to pay and ...

...they don't necessarily have to coal coming out of the ground to pay for that workforce, and therefore UK Coal are trying to show to their banks that they can do the right thing and they can pay their way as a company.

But it leaves Daw Mill in limbo at the moment and I think that it's important now that everyone works together whether it be the company the workforce the unions the local members of parliament and hopefully ministers to try and secure the future at Daw Mill."


UK Coal consider closing Daw Mill Colliery

UK Coal is consulting on closing the biggest coal mine in the UK under plans to restructure the business, jeopardising 800 jobs.

The group is considering closing Daw Mill near Coventry by early 2014 when current coal panels will have been exhausted.

It said Daw Mill has considerable long-term resources but production is 175,000 tonnes behind budget.

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