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Figures show people in Nottingham affected by Dementia

Research by the Alzheimer's Society shows that 750,000 people in the UK have a form of Dementia and that more than half of those suffer with Alzheimer's disease.

Stats from 'Mapping the Dementia Gap' show thousands in Nottingham will be affected by the illness.

Number of people currently living with dementia / expected to have dementia by 2021:

  • Nottingham City: 2,631 / 2,874
  • Nottinghamshire: 8,625 / 11,768

In just fifteen years, it is projected that over a million people will be living with Dementia nationwide, with this figure set to soar to 1.7million by 2051.

  1. Chris Halpin

Four years for conman who preyed on dementia sufferer - full report

A conman who preyed on the vulnerable and elderly is tonight behind bars.

Robert Johnson led a campaign of intimidation against a 91 year old woman from Chelmsley Wood in Birmingham who has Alzheimer's disease - forcing her to hand over hundreds of pounds for work at her home he never completed.

He admited his crimes after he was shown CCTV footage of himself at the property doing nothing

Watch Chris Halpin's full report above.


Man jailed after conning 90-year-old dementia sufferer

Robert Johnson targeted the elderly lady after learning of her illness Credit: West Midlands Police

A man who conned a 90-year-old dementia sufferer out of hundreds of pounds by charging for work on her house he never completed has been jailed.

Robert Johnson from Shirestone Road, Birmingham targeted the lady after learning of her illness. He demanded money for fictitious jobs, using her failing memory to his advantage.

Solihull Police launched an investigation in February after the elderly lady's carer found discovered Johnson had let himself into the house asking the pensioner for £200.

Johnson admitted three counts of burglary and another of fraud by false representation. He was jailed for four years at Birmingham Crown Court on May 13th.

Conman rogue trader sentenced for fraud after intimidating elderly dementia sufferer

A rogue trader has been jailed for four years for swindlng an elderly woman with dementia out of hundreds of pounds for odd jobs at her home that he never completed.

43 year old Robert Johnson was caught by police on CCTV operating in Chemsley Wood in Solihull.

His victim was 91 year old Joan Smith who had dementia and arthritis. Chris Halpin has been in court.

Rogue trader who targeted woman with dementia sentenced

A man who preyed on a 91-year-old woman living with dementia, has today been sentenced to four years in prison.

Robert Johnson, 43, pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary.

Johnson, who will have to serve at least half of his sentence, was found guilty of one count of fraud by false representation, and three counts of burglary.

He was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court.

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