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Watch: Derby velodrome construction nearly complete

Construction of the cycle track velodrome at the new Derby Arena is nearly complete, just five weeks after work on it begun.

The track will be fully completed by the end of the week. Plans are now being finalised for a special ceremony to mark the moment when the Arena doors open to the general public next year.

Cycle track almost finished at new Derby Arena

Work on the track only started five weeks ago Credit: ITV News Central

They only started building it five weeks ago, but already the cycling track at the new Derby Arena is almost finished.

The track will form the focal point of the building which as well as a sports centre, will double up as a concert venue.

The track will be fully completed by the end of the week Credit: ITV News Central

The track is made from Siberian spruce, and all the planks together would stretch from Derby to Leicester.

At its steepest points it slopes down at a 42% angle. And all held together by a total of 265,000 nails.

Cycling legend, Sir Bradley Wiggins, has already said he would like to use the track to set a world record, so precision engineering is vital.


VIDEO: Derby's new £27m velodrome takes shape

Derby's new £27million velodrome is beginning to take shape. This video shows the latest building works taking place on the new "Derby Arena" which is due to open in November.

Once complete the stadium will have seating for 1500 people and space for a further 2500-3000 people to stand for concerts will also be available in the middle of the arena.