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Football tournament support has been 'amazing' say family

Friends and colleagues of a couple who were killed in the Tunisia beach massacre, have held a football tournament in Derby to celebrate their lives.

Scott Chalkley, and his partner Sue Davey from Tamworth were killed in June, when attackers stormed a beach in Sousse killing 30 Britons.

Bradley and Ross Naylor, Scott Chalkley's sons, told ITV News Central the support has "been amazing".


'Spanish Plume' brings high temperatures and heavy rain to Midlands

High temperatures followed by heavy rain possible over the weekend Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Midlands could see temperatures of up to 25 or 26°C this weekend, as hot and humid air is expected to be pushed into Britain, creating a 'Spanish Plume'.

As the wind becomes southerly, there will be a brief surge of heat from the continent will affect central and eastern parts of England. However, heavy rain is likely to become widespread through the weekend.

Which areas will be affected?

Norwich could reach 28°C while Birmingham and Lincoln could see temperatures of 25 or 26°C.

What is a 'Spanish Plume'?

A 'Spanish Plume' is a nickname used to describe a weather situation in which a large southwards dip in the high altitude jet stream develops to the west of Europe encouraging a deep southerly wind flow.

This pushes hot and humid air from Iberia north and north-east into northern Europe, including the British Isles. Combined with heating from the summer sunshine, this can encourage thunderstorms to develop.

The strong winds from the jet stream help to organise the thunderstorms and can aid in their severity.

Photos: Derby Grammar School pupils pick up GCSE results

Derby Grammar School pupils were picking up their GCSE results today. The school secured A*-C grades in 95.3% of its results.

Students hold up their results Credit: Derby Grammar School
One student shakes hands with the school's headmaster Credit: Derby Grammar School
Student poses with his results Credit: Derby Grammar School
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