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Model banned from Miss England says rule is outdated

A mother who has been kicked out of the Miss England beauty pageant because she has a daughter says the rule outlawing her is outdated.

She says organisers had originally accepted her application but changed their mind just weeks later as they say competitors who have children can't enter because it is against their policy.

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Man appears in court charged with explosives offences

Glenn Robinson from Newhall was remanded into custody
Glenn Robinson from Newhall was remanded into custody Credit: PA

A 55-year-old man has appeared in court charged with offences including making an explosive substance.

Glenn Robinson from Newhall was remanded into custody at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court this morning.

It's after around 200 people had to be evacuated from their homes on Belvoir Crescent on Saturday evening.

He'll next appear at Derby Crown Court in August.


Derbyshire County Council to meet over £70m budget cuts

Derbyshire County Council says it needs to cut £157m from its budget by 2018
Derbyshire County Council says it needs to cut £157m from its budget by 2018 Credit: ITV News Central

Derbyshire County Council's cabinet will today meet to discuss budget cuts of up to £70m over the next three years.

The council says it needs to cut £157m from its budget by 2018 following a loss in Government grants.

If the proposals go ahead it says there could be a loss of around 2,000 jobs over the next three years in addition to the 1,600 jobs cuts announced last year.

The council does say every effort will be made to avoid compulsory redundancies by not replacing staff who leave and offering voluntary redundancy.

Services that could be reduced over the next three years include cuts to Direct Care (the council's social care workers scheme), the closure of up to 23 children's centres, removal of school crossing patrols in 2015, the gritting of fewer roads and reduced staffing for libraries.

Coins in Derbyshire hoard thought to belong to British tribe

Experts and archaeologists discovered twenty six coins, including three Roman coins which pre-date the invasion of Britain in AD 43, and 20 other gold and silver pieces which are Late Iron Age and thought to belong to the Corieltavi tribe.

The coins would suggest a serious amount of wealth and power of the individual who owned them.

Coins were used more as a symbol of power and status during the Late Iron Age, rather than for buying and selling staple foods and supplies.

Was an individual simply hiding his 'best stuff' for safe keeping?

The situation of the cave can't be ignored either.

Could it have been a sacred place to the Late Iron Age peoples that was taboo to enter in everyday life, making it a safe place that would ensure that person's valuables were protected?


National Trust archaeologist Rachael Hall said whoever owned the cache, which has been declared as "treasure" by the authorities, was probably a wealthy and influential figure.

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