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Dog's Trust look to play Cupid this Valentine's Day

Murray the five year old boxer Credit: Dog's Trust, Shrewsbury

The Dog's Trust in Shrewsbury are hoping to find a new home for desperate pup this Valentine's Day.

Five-year-old Murray, a Boxer, has been at the centre for over a year and it is time he finds a loving home.

Louise Campbell, the Rehoming Centre Manager said:

"Murray is very loyal, and as he loves humans so much he isn’t too keen on being left alone. He has such a huge heart; he would make the perfect companion this Valentine's Day."


Surge in calls to rescue centre after dog kills girl

Staff at a dog rescue centre in Nottingham say they have had a surge in calls from people scared of their own pets, after four-year-old Lexi Branson was mauled to death by her pet dog.

Lexi was attacked in Mountsorrel by a bulldog last week. The pet had come from a local rescue centre.

Kennel staff says they are struggling to re-home similar breeds, whose owners no longer want them.

Rare bush dog pups born at Twycross Zoo

Bush Dog pups Credit: Courtesy of Twycross Zoo

Three South American bush dogs have been born at Twycross Zoo, the first litter of bush dog pups to be born at the Zoo in almost a decade.

Bush Dog pups Credit: Courtesy of Twycross Zoo

The pups arrived safely on 21st August 2013. The pups have so far remained off show in their nest, but are now beginning to venture into their outdoor viewing area and explore their new surroundings.

Bush Dog pup Credit: Courtesy of Twycross Zoo

Bush dogs are members of the dog family and produce a strong scent that resembles vinegar. This has led to them being nicknamed the 'vinegar dog'. Bush dogs are well adapted for a semi-aquatic lifestyle and have webbed feet to aid swimming.


Dogs trained in underwater search techniques

An underwater search and rescue company is today training dogs to detect bodies in the water.

The dogs are able to detect the scent of a drowning victim even at great depths.

Sonar equipment

Sarbot has traditionally used sonar equipment and robots to rescue drowning victims or recover bodies, as in the case of Dylan Cecil from Northamptonshire, who was blown off a pier while on holiday.

Dylan Cecil

If a body can be brought to the surface within 90 minutes, they can generally survive with no lasting injuries.

Sonar equipment

The company hope to have a dog permanently based in the East Midlands.

Vets in Coventry save dog after it ate three golf balls

Azar the Doberman and golf balls Credit: PDSA Coventry PetAid hospital

A dog from Nuneaton was saved by vets after swallowing golf balls which almost killed him.

Louise Powis, the owner of the doberman called, Azar, became concerned when he suddenly lost a weight and became very ill.

Xray of three golf balls swallowed by doberman Credit: PDSA Coventry PetAid hospital

An x-ray showed he had swallowed three golf balls and two of them had moved into his small intestine.

He only survived following surgery at the PDSA hospital in Coventry.

Azar the doberman with his owner Louise Powis Credit: PDSA Coventry PetAid hospital

His owner Louise Powis says she still doesn't know where he found the golf balls but says she's very grateful he has survived his ordeal.

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