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86 arrested for drink driving in December

86 arrested for drink driving in December Credit: John Giles/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Leicestershire Police say a total of 86 people have been arrested for being over the legal alcohol limit whilst in charge of a motor vehicle in the past month.

Superintendent Jim Holyoak, Road Policing Unit at Leicestershire Police said:

“No officer wants to have to knock on someone’s door and deliver the message that a loved one has died or been seriously injured at the hands of a drink driver.”

If you drink alcohol we will catch up with you, we are determined to make our roads safer and this starts by removing those individuals who recklessly drink and drive on our roads.”

How to avoid becoming a drink driver

Avoid drink driving Credit: Katie Collins/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Here are some tips from Directgov and Findlaw.

  • Do not drink at all and avoid the risk

  • If there is a chance you will drink, leave your car at home

  • Know your units and how much you can legally drink

  • Do not presume you are sober the next morning

  • Appoint a designated driver from the group

  • Understand there are no tricks to help you sober up more quickly

  • Do not offer an alcoholic drink to someone you know is driving

  • Do not accept a lift from someone you know has been drinking

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